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Address: 7820 Hanger Cutoff Rd. Fort Worth, TX 76135
Phone Number: 817-259-2597
Fax Number: 817-977-9507
Director: Austin Davis

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Primary Focus: Substance Abuse Treatment Services
Services Provided: Substance Abuse Treatment, Detoxification
Special Programs/Groups Offered: Adolescents
Duration: 3
Night Admission: Yes
Weekend Admission: Yes
Interview Required: Yes
Payment Type: Self Payment
Accreditation Licenses: Joint Commission, and Texas License
Professional Affiliations: N/A
Area of Focus:

Susbtance and Alcohol abuse

Treatment Philosophy: Honor, Unity, Sacrifice, Transparency, Legacy, Excellence, and Fun are the core values at Clearfork Academy. First and foremost, our core values really are not words that we just kind of came up with in a brainstorming session. They are quite literally posted on my refrigerator at home and they represent something that comes out of who we are and who we are developing into. These are the marks we aspire to each day. A lot of people do vision, marketing, and branding sessions to come up with core values and mission statements and purpose for their organizations. But these values really have come out of who I am personally and who we are as an organization. We made banners and signs and placed them all over our campus to visually instill the beliefs in the entire community, clients and employees alike. We did not have them in any specific order and one of our teens said, “Hey, did you know the core values spell out H.U.S.T.L.E. and Fun.” It was a mind-blowing revelation that nearly knocked me off my feet. Those two things on their own – Hustle and Fun – are purely representative of my entire life. They resonated so clearly with me at that moment. I could remember preparing before a game in my high school years and the coach would call us over for a huddle. He would say, “There is no substitute for hard work.” That drive instilled in me then paved the pathway to the actions of H.U.S.T.L.E. and Fun in my own life. HONOR - Our first core value is honor. We believe that if we cannot honor ourselves, honor God, and honor other people that we should not be doing what we are doing. It is really our goal to incorporate honor into every transaction. If I am making a decision, I have to run it through the vertical filter that I have with God. If it gives honor to Him and it checks off that way, then I can proceed. Furthermore, I need to assess how my actions align with my values and how I am honoring myself. This action of honoring effects every connection point that we are responsible for. From employee, client, or family member and beyond, we have an obligation to honor them. I need to ask, Am I honoring every relationship that I have been blessed to steward? This core value delivers huge significance in the way that we operate. It is the firm foundation on which all other values can be formed. UNITY - The second core value is unity. I truly believe that no man is an island and that we have a common unity, that of grace and of addiction and empathy for our fellow human. We all face trials and tribulations and we use unity to collaborate, connect and engage our young men. This affords us, the staff, an opportunity to do fun things with our clients which allows to not feel disjointed from them. We can hold each other accountable and uphold that other core value honor. It not only protects us and keeps us right in the middle of the fight it gets us further than we could ever get on our own and that on its own is so important for anyone in recovery. Unity is all about the community you surround yourself with. Do you want four quarters or 100 pennies? I often tell our young men, “Show me your friends and I will show you your future.” SACRIFICE - Our third core value is sacrifice. There is an obviously amazing example of sacrifice from God, our father, who sent his only begotten son so that we may have eternal life. Through that, we can perceive that sacrifice is doing much more than that of which you get compensation. It may not be my job to pick up trash, it might not be on my job description but when I see a full trashcan, I am going to take it out. This is a severely downplayed argument for sacrifice, but it starts small. If we can demonstrate sacrifice on a level that is understandable to our teens than that further inspires their personal growth. There may be a moment when they feel like it is out of their element to show encouragement and uplifting actions to a peer but sacrificing their self, their time, their emotions to help a distressed friend will always go further than they could imagine. It reveals to them what sacrifice can do for them mentally, physically, spiritually, and relationally. We find significant growth in our teens when they do something that is outside of themselves. TRANSPARENCY - Transparency is our fourth one. It says, “I want you to know who I am.” It’s exactly why I have written this so that you can see my heart and hear my story. If I can be open with you and share my vision than perhaps you will be able to trust me with your kid. We never deliver any ‘got-yas.’ We say what we mean and mean what we say. We do assessments and treatment planning and sit down with the teens and let them know the direction we are going. They may not be able to articulate it fully, however, we lay it out for them and let them know where the big mile markers are. We also take this stance from a financial standpoint so that for the families there is also no ‘got-yas.’ We hold steadfast to this belief because without our word we are worth nothing. Once we communicate the expectations then we can manage them. In other words, what we say up front and what we do in the treatment programming is going to be concurrent to what happens at the end of treatment. LEGACY - Our fifth and perhaps one of my favorite core values is legacy. If we did not settle on having them in this order, I would most assuredly put this one first. I want to leave a significant legacy for your kids and mine. I want them all to be able to look back on this and hear our story. I want my life to reflect good things, not just dollars and material things. I love the aspect of legacy that we can leave for our future generations. There is a Greek Proverb that says, “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” The ripple effect of what is done here at Clearfork Academy, I know I may never ever have the ability to see, however, that does not change my capacity, my passion, and my calling to want myself and my team to lead your child to a new legacy. We have this tagline, ‘Leading teens to a #NewLegacy.’ It is so impactful and instrumental for us because we can show our teens the reality that today’s decisions will ultimately affect the very distant storyline that they may not get the benefit of seeing. Legacy encapsulates the whole journey here at Clearfork Academy because I think of it as we are affecting the future generation of this kid and the change in their life could be infectious. Our hope is that when the teen goes home, they are affecting change everywhere, that they will be a catalyst that propels their future generations into their own calling. EXCELLENCE - Excellence is kind of one of those tawdry things that everybody puts up on the wall. But I don't like shotty things. I like going the extra mile. If I can get something of great value a hundred miles away but they have an inferior product that looks the same across the street, I’m going a hundred miles away. That is all there is to it. I’m going to go get it because the excellence factor is much greater. We practice excellence in our treatment planning, treatment goals, in the way we dress and the way we communicate. We cannot operate without this value in mind. We must function beyond where the recommended bar is set. Our team exudes excellence in every aspect of the programming, and we expect that out of our teens as well. We do not allow them to discount themselves and we continue to remind them that there are greatness and excellence inside of them. They are unrelenting warriors that can move mountains and they can do it well. FUN - Fun is our last core value but is certainly not the least. If we cannot have fun with what we do here we are going to burn out. All the hard work would be for a loss because we need to have the ability to just have fun with our teens and with ourselves. That is why we do a lot of stuff around the campus. Every opportunity we get we go outside and take our groups outdoors whether it is climbing a rock wall, mountain biking, kayaking, or even paintballing. Therapy can be overly exhausting and extremely taxing emotionally so we like to take some of that stress away by embodying the idea of fun. It is the atmosphere that we strive to maintain, and we carry over that belief throughout the campus. We have developed this culture of having fun while at the same time we are getting stuff done therapeutically. Overall, I just love when one of our team members comes up to me and says, “Man, I cannot believe that I get paid to do what I do. I love my job.” That for me is a win every time. Our core values are H.U.S.T.L.E. and Fun. It’s not just something we put on the wall. We live by them. Even outside of this place we embody the belief system that is H.U.S.T.L.E. and Fun. From every individual that has a hand in this company, me all the way down to a contractor that works at our campus a couple of hours a year, every person exemplifies these standards. It has been engrained in us so that we can lead these teens to a new legacy.

"Such a beautiful place, ran by beautiful people! Anyone would be lucky to receive treatment by the cream of the crop professional team they have here!"

"My communication with the staff on the other end of the phone has been just amazing. The staff at Clearfork Academy are truly concerned. There is immediate reply to communication and true understanding for the situation. Thank you for caring and professionalism."

"My son is now 45 days in and thanks to the hands on attention and treatment philosophy of the counselors at Clearfork, he has a future and the sky is the limit for him. I feel Clear Fork has saved my sons life! If you have a son struggling, I strongly suggest Clearfork."

Facility Description:

Residential Treatment:

Substance abuse and addiction can strike anyone at any age. But it is particularly devastating to teenagers, who are already balancing academics, extracurricular pursuits, family, friends, and the natural challenges that come with adolescence. Teens may turn to addictive substances for many reasons, from managing stress to coping with trauma to fitting in socially. Left unchecked, however, substance abuse can quickly spiral into a lifelong challenge.

If your teen is struggling with addiction and the major behavioral challenges that it can cause, we believe there is a better, healthier, and safer road ahead of them. Both research and experience show that short-term addiction recovery simply is not effective. Nothing less than a significant investment in time and effort will result in lasting change and a positive outcome for your teen. At Clearfork Academy, we encourage our teens, ages 13-18, to dedicate themselves to long-term treatment where we offer Christ-centered guidance through their challenges.

Our core program is residential, inviting a select cohort of teen boys to join us on our scenic Texas ranch campus, where they experience full-time therapy, treatment, and activities led by trained professionals and supported by a philosophy that puts Christ at the center of recovery. Every teen who struggles with addiction, and every family member affected by it, deserves help and a chance to heal. At Clearfork Academy, that is our passion; providing treatment for teens and their families and providing a New Legacy.

Located at: 7820 Hanger Cutoff Road, Fort Worth, TX 76135

Intensive Outpatient:

Perhaps your teen is suddenly struggling in school. Likely he or she is showing dramatic physical or emotional changes such as weight loss or unexplained mood swings. Are the passions that once held their interest - activities such as sports, music, or hobbies - suddenly of no interest whatsoever? Maybe they have been caught skipping school, stealing from relatives, or drinking or using drugs.

These are often some of the early warning signs of addiction or substance abuse. Every teen who struggles with addiction, and every family member affected by it, deserves help and a chance to heal. At Clearfork Academy, that is our passion; providing treatment for teen males, females and their families and providing a New Legacy.

For male and female teens ages 13-18 who may need treatment that fits around academic, family, or extracurricular commitments or aren't ready for full-time residential treatment, we offer a personalized outpatient program that provides the same therapy and Christ-centered guidance on a more flexible schedule.

Located at: 4255 Bryant Irvin Road, Suite 105, Fort Worth, TX 76109

Treatment Hours are Monday 5 PM to 8 PM, Wednesday 5 PM to 8 PM, and Thursday 5 PM to 8 PM.