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Address: 112 Painter St Galax VA 24333
Phone Number: 844-267-7473

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Additional Information

Primary Focus: Substance Abuse Treatment Services
Services Provided: Substance Abuse Treatment, Detoxification
Special Programs/Groups Offered: Women, Men
Treatment Philosophy: Galax patients benefit from personalized services that are provided by a multi-disciplinary treatment team of experienced professionals. Our treatment team includes: a medical director certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine; a board certified psychiatrist; physician assistants and nurse practitioners; certified and licensed counselors; and 24 hour nursing with both RN’s and LPN’s. We believe the most effective treatment addresses the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of addiction. This holistic approach provides patients with a solid foundation upon which to begin long-term recovery. We understand that recovery is a lifelong experience and our program includes an introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), as well as Celebrate Recovery, a Christian based recovery meeting.
Facility Description:

Through the years, Life Center has worked to respond to the needs of the patients in the region. As drugs of choice have changed, we have worked to update our programs and practices to offer the best opportunity for successful treatment and recovery.

The first significant change came when the facility sought a license to include dual diagnosis services as part of our addiction treatment program. For more than 20 years our psychiatrist and medical director have worked together with our treatment team to ensure we address patients holistically.

One of the most significant recent changes occurred with the introduction of new and stronger pain medications and the subsequent increase in opiate addiction. Now, almost half of our patients are receiving treatment for opiate addiction.

Life Center of Galax is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia. We were the first residential treatment program both licensed and accredited to exclusively treat adults addicted to alcohol or drugs.

At Life Center of Galax, we focus on one thing-your recovery. You and your family have suffered enough from the devastating disease of addiction.

Begin your recovery with us.

With Warm Regards,
Life Center Staff