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Company Slogan: "We are On Fire in Advocacy and Support of Our Special Needs Kids!"
Director: Thomas P. Graham
Address: 720 East Street New Britain, CT 06051
Services For:

Certified Parent-Advocate for Special Needs Kids, particularly Autism Spectrum Disorder (Including Asperger Syndrome); PDD; HDAD; Childhood Disintegrative Disorder; Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD); Development Delay, Developmental Language Learning Impairments, Expressive Language Disorder & More.

Phone Number: 860 - 505 - 8327
Office Hours: 9 a.m. -- 9 p.m

Certified Parent-Advocate (2 Whrightslaw Advocacy Seminars); MBA; 76 Hours Law School (Loyola Univ. School of Law, New Orleans, LA); Certified Substance abuse Counselor (LA)

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Additional Information

Membership in Organizations:

Wrightslaw Parent-Advocates; Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center (CPAC); Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC); Autism Society of America; Autism Speaks; Autism Society of Connecticut (ASConn, ASA); Connecticut FEAT; Advocating Change Together (ACT); Hartford Assoc. of Retarded Citizens (HARC);

Area of Focus/Practice Interest:

All Special Needs Diagnoses

Client Age Group: All Age Groups

Certified Parent-Advocate (2 Whrightslaw Advocacy Seminars); MBA; 76 Hours Law School (Loyola Univ. School of Law, New Orleans, LA); Certified Substance abuse Counselor(LA.); Parent of a Special Needs child with severe Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Professional Work Setting:

Work from Home

Services Provided:

Assist Parents/Guardians in determining what services and programs are best suited for their Special Needs children; Liaison with Local Educational Authorities and provide Personal Representation and Advocacy in IEP meetings, Mediation, Due Process Hearings, etc.; Advise Parents, Liaison and Advocate for Services beyond school with State organizations such as the Dept. of Developmental Services (DDS), Dept. of Social Services (DSS), Dept. of Children & Families (DCF) as well as other Private Service Providers such as Behavioral Consultants and after-school recreational and respite service providers.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Advocacy NOW views our Special Needs Kids as a Most Precious Resource and provides top-knotch, individually tailored Advocacy Services for those precious kids and their Parents. By Advocating for those Kids with unwavering determination, Advocacy NOW insures that School Boards and Local Educational Authorities provide the best, most suitable programs and assistive technology that I.D.E.A and State Law demands: We Absolutely Refuse to allow poor funding and "Gate Keepers" to deny those necessary resources to our Special Needs Kids!


I am the Step-Father of a young teen with severe Autism Spectrum Disorder who commands complete knowledge and experience with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and attendant CT State Special Education Law. With considerable, hands-on experience with CT's Dept of Special Education and procedures, including filing Complaints, Mediation, Due Process Hearings, etc. I won outplacement to a Private School for our son from Hartford Public Schools 5-1/2 years ago after assuming Advocacy for him and a near 2-year battle. Since that time and utilizing an extencive Law School experience to thoroughly disect and understand IDEA, I have made Advocacy for Special Needs Kids my primary profession and mission in life, and have sucessfully won outplacement for several other clients, as well as considerably increased services for others in better Public School systems.

Lets work together to solve Your Special Needs Child's Educational and Recreational Puzzle!