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Director: Suzanne Jessee
Address: 7514 North Mopac Expy, Ste 100 Austin, TX 78731
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Austin, TX., Southern California

Phone Number: (512) 643-6099

Anew Era TMS is a leading provider of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for treating major depressive disorder in Austin, Texas. If you have been battling depression with no success provided by antidepressants, consider TMS as an excellent treatment option. Excellence in patient care and an overall positive experience with our TMS treatment services and our skilled compassionate team of Doctor's, Technicians and office staff are our highest priorities. At Anew Era TMS, we offer patients their very best chance for depressive symptomatic relief success through the latest, most advanced, FDA cleared, non-medicinal treatment solution.

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Services Provided:

TMS Therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
Psychodynamic therapy, Prolonged exposure therapy (PE), Solutions focused therapy, Interpersonal therapy, Group therapy, Medication management & therapy, TMS therapy, EMDR, & Holistic therapies (mindfulness training, yoga, meditation, equine therapy)