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Company Slogan: Education Consulting Services Worldwide
Director: Georgia C. Bennett
Address: Main Office: 310 North High Street, West Chester, PA 19380 Other Offices: Philadelphia, PA; Princeton, NJ; Washington, DC; Charleston, SC; New Orleans, LA; Miami, FL; Phoenix, AZ; Tacoma, WA
Services For:

Preschool, Primary and Secondary School Education Counseling; University Education Counseling; Special Needs Counseling; Customized Corporate Education Consulting

Phone Number: 610-692-9096
Fax Number: 610-692-9132

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Bennett Educational Resources, Inc. (BER)

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Additional Information


"My sincere [thanks] to my consultant and BER. My wife and I felt very comfortable with the consultant’s advice, her understanding of the special situation that we were undergoing, and the concrete results that she came up with due to her diligence and expertise in this area. Also the documentation we received was very helpful to us." -- International assignee relocating from Egypt to the US with two children

"With a move to a new location, the most vital thing to get right is the schooling. The consultant really put us on the right path - listening to our needs and following up with timely, factual and useful advice -- British assignee relocating to the US (third international assignment)

"Your service was helpful. The consultant understood our requirements and went out of her way to assist us in the process of locating the right school for our children. Her knowledge of the local school system was very good." -- International assignee with two children


BER works with relocating employees and their dependents to find a new school or college that is right for each student’s unique profile. Our international placements are effective because they are based on a thorough understanding of the complex differences between country education systems. Our consultants take into consideration each student’s long-term goals, and assist each with his adjustment to new educational environments.

BER provides education placement assistance to students anywhere in the world. Our consultants work directly with relocating families and relocation personnel in person, and by phone, email, and fax.