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Basic Information

Company Slogan: Train the Brain... Unlock the Potential
Director: Renee Bautista
Address: 9495 N. Fort Washington Road Suite 108 Fresno, CA 93720
Services For:

Fresno County (Central Valley)

Phone Number: 559-275-3276 (559-27LEARN)
Fax Number: 559-433-8669
Office Hours: Monday through Friday: 11:00-7:00 and Saturdays by appointment

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LearningRx - Fresno
LearningRx - Fresno
LearningRx - Fresno
LearningRx - Fresno

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Additional Information

Area of Focus/Practice Interest:

Our center exists to serve clients wanting to enhance their ability to learn, read, and succeed at a broad range of academic and work-related challenges to improve their overall quality of life. Our students can be as young as four or as old as any ‘senior’ who wants to stay sharp. The unique training at LearningRx transforms a student’s ability to learn at a core, cognitive level.

Client Age Group: All Ages (4 to 94)

Members of the LearningRx Scientific Advisory Board have extensive experience and credentials in the fields of psychology, audiology, education, neuroscience and professional therapies. As advisory board members, these professionals help LearningRx stay up-to-date on the latest research, and also consult with us on current and future independent research.

Services Provided:

Cognitive skills training (aka "Brain Training")


Problems With Reading

“Jake has increased his confidence in many ways. He doesn’t say 'I can’t read' anymore. He believes that he can, and makes the effort! Before, he felt defeated before he began! Reading more fluently has increased his comprehension greatly! Reading is less tedious so understanding material can happen!

His frustration level is much improved! Anger and belligerence has subsided! He responds to general conversation, jobs, instructions in a more 'with it' way!

Jake has thanked us many, many times for finding LearningRx and helping him improve. LearningRx was great at finding a good 'match' in trainers for Jake. That was key for him to 'buy in' to the program!”

Eve Sanders
Mother of Jake, age 15
Chagrin Falls, OH

Problems With Math

"LearningRx has been a great experience for me. I have improved in math and reading. Miss Tara has helped me a lot! I do my homework faster, because I don’t get frustrated. I am reading faster and smoother. Multiplication is a snap for me now. I am so glad that we found LearningRx. If I know anyone that is struggling, I will tell them about LearningRx! Thanks to LearningRx I am smarter now.”

Bailey Snow
Age 11
Shreveport, LA

Struggling With Homework

“LearningRx was a godsend for my son. We always knew he was very bright, but he continually struggled in an academic setting. Teachers would say he was not paying attention or just 'wasn't with' the class. Homework would take forever. Just a few weeks into the LearningRx program we saw improvement in his ability to get his homework done faster and remember what he needed to do. His grades improved and his self-esteem improved. He now has free time because homework doesn't take up so much time. His teachers have noticed that he pays attention better and accomplishes a lot more in class. We had been concerned about how he would handle the extra work and stress of Jr. High. Now we aren't worried anymore. Our son is ready for a bright academic future.”

Larissa Keller
Mother of Branson, age 12
Lake Oswego, OR

ADD / ADHD / Attention

“When we first came to LearningRx Grant was fidgety, had trouble staying on task, and got frustrated doing his homework, taking as much as 2 hours to complete. Now he gets right to it, hardly ever takes more than 30 minutes, and no longer takes his medicine for ADHD since there’s no reason to. I would highly recommend this to anyone whose child is struggling in school.”

Kim Lafemiller
Mother of Grant, age 12
Gilbert, AZ

Long-Term Success and Lasting Results

“My son Charlie was struggling in every area. As a parent, I was heartbroken to see him fail over and over again. In my search for help for him, LearningRx answered every question I had ever thought of. After working with Jack for a few weeks, I actually asked the question, 'Who are you, and what have you done with my son?' Charlie’s attitude and confidence level improved. He started the program after the first nine-week grading period ended. He was failing every subject, even though he was studying more and more. I received an email from his teacher, and for the last nine weeks, my son will make the honor roll for the first time.”

Lila Brannigan
Mother of Charlie, age 8
Taylors, SC