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Basic Information

Company Slogan: Individualized ABA Service for Children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder
Director: Erica McCaffrey
Address: Carver, MA 02330
Services For:

Plymouth and Bristol County, Massachusetts

Phone Number: (508) 465-0417
Fax Number: (508) 465-0793


Action Shots

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Additional Information

Client Age Group: 0-12
Professional Work Setting:

Individual's home and community

Services Provided:

Home and Community based ABA

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We provide exceptional Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Each program is tailored to meet the individual needs of the child and their family members.

Our staff will collaborate with parents, family members, care givers and school personnel to create a unified team with the common goal of increasing skill levels in every aspect of the child's development.

Our staff will be a pillar of support for care givers, as well as provide training and assistance regarding, but not limited to, diagnosis, symptom management, behavior management and community outings. They will incorporate technology and the most current research practices into each child's treatment program.