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Basic Information

Company Slogan: Learning Made Simple
Director: Lesa Hall
Address: 138 Canal Street, Suite 101 Pooler, GA 31322
Services For:

State(s) services are provided

Phone Number: 9123308577
Office Hours: 9-4

Licensed and Certified Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator
Licendsed and Certified Davis Autism Facilitator

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Additional Information

Membership in Organizations:

Davis Dyslexia Association International
Davis Autism Association International

Area of Focus/Practice Interest:

Reading, Spelling, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Math, Attention Mastery

Client Age Group: 6-adult

B.S. Education Georgia Southern University

Professional Work Setting:

One-on-one facilitation of programs designed to get to the root of a learning problem conducted in a professional office setting.

Services Provided:

Davis Dyslexia Correction Program
Davis Math Program
Davis Attention Mastery (for ADD/ADHD)

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

“If they can't learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.” ― O. Ivar Lovaas


"Dear Ms. Lesa, This letter is for helping me with reading and writing. Before I did not know how to read and write, but now I know how to read and write. I am thankful." Sincerely, Patrick.
Age 11

"This is such an AWESOME program! We are VERY pleased with our daughter's results. She began her program reading at an 8th grade level and by the end of the week she is now at a 10th grade (independent reading) level! It is simply AMAZING! Her confidence and self-esteem are off the charts! She's actually looking forward to returning to school. We feel so blessed to have found Lesa Hall and having her work with our family. Reading Quest WORKS!!!" - Mother of Reading Quest client.

Lesa, We've talked about words all week, but I can't think of any that would express my gratefulness. The transformation in Stephen is amazing. The program is wonderful, but it could only do so much. Having you as our teacher has made a world of difference. We appreciate all that you have done for our family. Stephen's life will never be the same.
Thank you, Belinda

"After years of trying homework sessions with Lexi, I realized something was seriously wrong. It was very frustrating to her and myself. A friend told me about Reading Quest. I wasn't very convinced, since the school she was at, kept slipping her through the cracks. But I truly needed help. Meeting Lesa was the best thing that ever happened to Lexi and our family. She assessed her within a few hours. We did the program and what a difference. Lexi is a different child. Lesa was very calm and understanding. Her teaching methods are A+. Lexi not only is reading at her grade level, but she understands what she is reading. If she doesn't understand something she knows what questions to ask. Reading Quest and Lesa have saved Lexi years of frustration and tears. Thank you Lesa. You truly do not have any idea what you have done for Lexi and her confidence. We are forever indebted to you and Reading Quest."