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Basic Information

Company Slogan: Making A Difference, Changing Lives.
Director: Markus Ernst
Address: TurningPoint Medical Group - North 6140 Tutt Blvd Suite 120 Colorado Springs, CO, 80923 Turningpoint Medical Group - South 630 Southpointe Ct, Suite 105 Colorado Springs, Co. 80906
Services For:

Brain Plasticity Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy

Phone Number: 7192660438
Fax Number: 7195747388
Office Hours: Mo-Thu 7AM-7PM, Fri 7AM-6PM

TurningPoint Medical Group is a multi-specialty clinic for physical therapy.
All providers are board certified Physical Therapists and Physical Therapists Assistants

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TurningPoint Medical Group
TurningPoint Medical Group
TurningPoint Medical Group
TurningPoint Medical Group

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Additional Information

Membership in Organizations:

VeDA (Vestibular Disorder Association
BIAC (Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado)

Client Age Group: 2 years - 99 years
Professional Work Setting:

The 2 locations of TurningPoint Medical Group are state of the art physical therapy clinic utelizing the best equipment available for next level physical therapy and plasticity neuro rehabilitation. The clinics are designed to reduce stress to the brain as much as possible (lights, colors, noise etc).

Services Provided:

At TurningPoint Medical Group, we are proud to offer the new, innovative HDVR™ therapy to treat brain injuries and disorders. Markus Ernst, developer of HDVR™ and owner of TurningPoint Medical Group is international recognized for his groundbreaking program and spoke at several international conferences for brain injuries and brain disorders along other global leaders in neurology.
Our physical therapy is at the next level. We use the newest technologies and knowledge in evidence based physical therapy to improve our patients as quick as possible. World class physical therapy by world known physical therapists.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Next Level Physical Therapy.
Life-Changing Results.


octavio cordero
Great experience with every appt I had, The staff is very friendly and make you feel very comfortable. The therapy turned my life back around and I am very satisfied.

Dimas Gutierrez
Turning Point Medical Group changed my life. I was diagnosed at a very young age with ADHD. With this condition, I have been compensating with extra effort in everything that require focus for many years. I scheduled an appointment with Turning Point Medical Group where they confirmed my ADHD condition. They performed rigorous testing with their new technology equipment. After two treatments, the ADHD is completely cured. I don't constantly loop on thoughts anymore and can accomplish way more in one day without a big effort. Best part of all, is that this treatment does not require medication. It sounds unreal but true and I strongly recommend Markus and his staff. I wish this was done to me 30 years ago but it is never too late. Thank you Markus for making a difference with all you do...

Jon Martinez
I am a retired Army Veteran that had suffered numerous incidents throughout my career that resulted in TBI's and migraines.Two months ago I experienced a severe bout of vertigo that lasted for three days. Looking on line for medical treatment I found Turning Point Medical Group and called to make an appointment. I was shocked that after 1 treatment of their Gyrostim system I was completely free of any vertigo symptoms. My wife is now a patient there also and is amazed at the physical therapy for her neck that Markus and Fred provide. The greatest experience with the Gyrostim treatment is witnessing our 9 year old son Zackary who is autistic, begin to have conversations with us and others, speaks more clearly now, plays with other kids and interacts with them a lot more, asks questions, sleeps well, and has even been scoring 100% on his spelling tests at school! Truly amazing to witness. All thanks to their professional and very helpful staff- Markus, Fred, Samantha, Holly, Scott, Amanda, Sarah, Kelsy, Alex, and can't forget Buttercup. Thank you all for all that you do.