Basic Information

Phone Number: 977 1 4780369
Fax Number: 977 1 4780631
Director: Bishnu H. Bhatta

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Subject/Position: Teaching English, Environment (Volunteer Teacher)
School: Government School
School Type: Primary and secondry
Program Dates: Anytime of year

Sunday to Friday and office hours 10 to 4

Minimum Education: Higher Secondary above
Job Types: Teaching and voluntary social work
Languages: English
Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching: English
Cost: 250 $ registration, 50$ food and accommodation per week, Logistic 100 $ and Training 100$
Salary/Benefits: volunteer
Program Fees: 650$ month
Programs Open To: Any time
Travel Arrangements:

we will take care local transporation

Participants Work: 10 to 4 each day, sunday to Friday
Application Process:

Need to send application with CV.

Teaching Level: Primary and secondary level
Hours: 3 hours a day
TEFL/TOSEL Certification Program:

not required but will be additional value

Visa Requirements:

Tourist visa. Each will get 90 days visa in arrival or they can apply in respective Embassy

Program Highlights:

Teaching english/environmental education, extra curricula activities, school environment improvement, cross cultural experience

Curriculum Highlights:

Basic communicative language

Program Information:

We can run program up to 5 month.