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Basic Information

Phone Number: (502) 7832-8033
Director: Carlota Morales

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Teacher Assistant at Ninos de Guatemala
Teacher Assistant at Ninos de Guatemala
Teacher Assistant at Ninos de Guatemala
Teacher Assistant at Ninos de Guatemala

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Additional Information

Subject/Position: Teacher Assistant
School: Ninos de Guatemala
School Type: Elementary, Middle school and high school
Program Dates: January until September

The school are located in two rural towns near Antigua, they are called Ciudad Vieja and San Lorenzo el Cubo, we provide good quality education for unprivileged children.

Minimum Education: nothing
Degree Level: nothing
Job Types: The Teacher's Assistant Program is the most active volunteer program available and the one that needs the most support from volunteers. Volunteers are paired with a grade from one of our schools to aid one of our amazing teachers in their quest to help these children grow and develop, learn about the world around them, and put them on a path towards success. As teachers’ aids, volunteers are responsible for helping individual students, creating educational materials and keeping the children on task. The Morning Program at our schools is based on the national curriculum (Curiculo Nacionál Base) designed and approved by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education and we included extra English classes, so you will always be helping in English. This includes classes in mathematics, language, history, science, art, and physical education. You can combine this program with tutoring or facilitation workshops in the afternoons for students or teachers (3pm to 4pm).
Languages: English
Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching: English and Spanish
Cost: $300 USD
Program Fees: $250 USD donation to the organization and $50 USD Volunteer Support Fee.
Experience Required:

-Be flexible, motivated and willing to change children's lives.
-A positive attitude
-An appreciation of new cultures that will help you settle in Guatemala and enjoy all of the new experiences;
-Be 18 years old or older.
-Commit to at least 4 weeks of volunteer work, and a min of 20 hours a week.

Programs Open To: Everyone
Travel Arrangements:

Fly into Aurora International Airport

Application Process:

1. Read our International Volunteer Catalogue and choose what works best for you.
2. Complete and submit the application form online.
3. Send your Resume or CV, passport copy, and motivation letter to volunteer@ninosdeguatemala.org
4. Complete and send your Background check to volunteer@ninosdeguatemala.org
5. Choose your best payment option or fundraise your package price using our Crowdfunding Platform.

Teaching Level: Assistant in Spanish or English
Hours: minimum 20 hours a week
TEFL/TOSEL Certification Program:

No need of certification

Visa Requirements:

no need for VISA

Program Highlights:

Niños de Guatemala (NDG) provides underprivileged children with an education. NDG runs two primary schools and a secondary school which house over 500 Guatemalan children who would otherwise lack sufficient resources to attend Guatemala´s public schools.

The goals of our volunteer program are:

  • to build long-term relationships with people from all over the world, that are willing to support Niños de Guatemala in a sustainable way, through our main values Education, Entrepreneurship and Empowerment.

  • to complement our workforce, by bringing into the organization vital resources such as fresh enthusiasm, new perspective, proven expertise, and hard work.

  • To provoke compassion, raise awareness and most importantly connects needs with resources.

The minimum commitment is 4 weeks.

Curriculum Highlights:
  • National Guatemalan Curriculum
  • Dual immersion program (English/Spanish)
  • Technology
  • Playnovate
  • Reading A to Z
  • other innovative methodologies...
Program Information:

Once you get to Antigua, be prepared to totally fall in love with this vibrant but peaceful colonial town and most popular destination in Guatemala, due to being a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is full of fun activities to do during the day and night, as well as being surrounded by three volcanoes and beautiful mountains which afford for many connections with nature and hiking adventures. The NDG office, as well as all accommodations we offer, are located here in Antigua.

Our schools are placed just 20-30 minutes away from Antigua, in 2 different towns, one is called Ciudad Vieja and the other one is called San Lorenzo El Cubo.

Your volunteer experience with Niños de Guatemala will start with a warm welcome to our family by the “Volunteer and Groups Team” and we will go through a full 2 day orientation, in which we will answer all the questions you have about us, and we will explain thoroughly everything about our organization and we will give you a full tour of our office and schools, all this to make you feel at home. 

Then is time to start your volunteer work, the volunteer and groups team will have short weekly meeting with you, as well as weekly visits to the schools. There will also be a Mid-term Evaluation meeting with the purpose of following up and improving your volunteer experience.

We will plan activities for you every Wednesday.

The volunteer and groups team will be by your side to support you throughout your volunteer experience in NDG. But in order to get the most of this experience we recommend coming to volunteer with an attitude of learning, of open mindedness, flexibility and positivity. The volunteer work can get a bit monotonous or strenuous, and in this case we always encourage volunteer to use their own initiative and put into practice their talents into something that can be wonderful. 

Together we will make your time in Guatemala life-changing, while changing lives!