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Basic Information

Phone Number: 212-726-2147
Director: Shan S. Haider

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Subject/Position: Various position, ESL positions, Subject teaching, Prep school, Language teaching
School: We have contract with schools all over the world
School Type: Profit and Non-profit, Prek, K-12, Boarding schools
Program Dates: Normally August-June 2020-2021
Minimum Education: Bachelor's degree
Degree Level: Bachelor
Job Types: Full time, Physical presence needed. May have some online jobs as well.
Languages: English
Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching: English
Salary/Benefits: $2000-$2500 per month net
Experience Required:

Not required if caring, quick learner, and passionate about teaching.
Must be professional and responsible

Travel Arrangements:

School pays for airfare, insurance, Covid coverage, housing.

Application Process:

You need to create your teacher profile on https://teacherix.com. Complete all sections. You do NOT need to pay any fee! Our recruitment consultant will reach out to you. Make sure you specify the countries you're interested in teaching.

Teaching Level: PreK, K-12, University Prep
Hours: Standard teaching hours
TEFL/TOSEL Certification Program:

If you have Tefl/Tesol then please let us know.
Some schools will arrange for an online tesol/tefl course!

Visa Requirements:

School handles all visa requirements.
For China, you need to authenticate your documents and apply at a Chinese consulate/Embassy near you.
The school will provide guidance.
Visa fee is usually reimbursed upon arrival at the school

Curriculum Highlights:

All Curriculums taught at our partner schools
National curriculums, IB, Cambridge, AP!