Wesley Biblical Seminary

Basic Information

Address: 1880 E County Line Rd, Ridgeland, MS
Phone Number(s): 6013668880
Head of School: Dr. Matt Ayars
Admissions Director: Elijah Friedeman

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Seminary
Denomination: Non-Denominational
Primary Denomination:

We are an independent seminary within the Wesleyan/Holiness movement.

School Setting:

All of our degrees are available online. Our unique polysynchronous format allows students to take classes in real-time on campus, on Zoom, or by watching the recording.



Degree Programs:

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry
Master of Arts in Theology
Master of Arts in Apologetics
Master of Arts in Biblical Literature
Master of Arts in Christian Ministry
Master of Divinity General Ministry
Master of Divinity Biblical Languages
Master of Divinity Chaplaincy
Master of Divinity Honors Research
Doctor of Ministry

Application/Transfer Deadlines:


Parking Space/Availability:

Ample parking in the front and back of the building

Mission Statement:

Wesley Biblical Seminary exists to educate and train men and women who, in fulfillment of the Church’s mission, will live and proclaim Trinitarian faith, promote the Spirit-filled life, and in full commitment to the absolute authority of the Bible, actively make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Social Media:

Facebook: @Wesleybiblicalseminary
Twitter: @Wesleybiblical