The Devereux Glenholme School

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Basic Information

Address: 81 Sabbaday Lane, Washington, Ct. 06793
County: Litchfield
Phone Number: 860-868-7377
Fax Number: 860-868-7413

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The Devereux Glenholme School
The Devereux Glenholme School
The Devereux Glenholme School

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Additional Information

Founded: 1968
Ages/Grades: 10-21
Gender: Co-ed
Enrollment: 82
Duration: Avg 2 years
School Size: 82
Classroom Size: 8-10
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:1:12


Support Services:

Clinical, SW, SLT, Equine therapy, DBT, CBT, Psychiatric, psychologist Canine,

Camp Programs: Yes
Accreditation Licenses: NEASC, Ct DCAF, Ct. Dept of Education, Ca. State of Education, Ill. State of Education, Mass. Dept of Elementary and Secondary Education, NJ State of Education, NY State of Education
Professional Affiliations:

COPA, IECA, Small Boarding Schools Association; CAPSEF, NEASC,

Area of Focus:

Academic, vocational and therapeutic,

Mission Statement:

The Glenholme School is a specialized boarding school that provides a therapeutic program and exceptional learning environment to address varying levels of academic, social and emotional development in boys and girls ages 10-21. The goal of our school is to prepare our graduates for post secondary college and career opportunities.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

The staff, faculty and professionals at The Glenholme school are committed to individual excellence and the delivery of the highest quality care and instruction.

School History:

The 106 Acres campus estate was donated by the Van Sinderen family to the Devereux foundation in 1965 for use to help children. In 1968, the Glenholme school opened its doors to six girls. Now, in its 52nd year, Glenholme has greatly expanded its treatment opportunities and its program.

Notes/School Information:

The comprehensive educational environment at the Glenholme School includes a rigorous curriculm and a rich selection of extracurricular activities. The program supports student development in academic and social competence and helps them realize their strengths, talents and abilities. Academic life skills and therapeutic services are delivered by degreed professionals who teach, coach and advise students throughout each facet of the day.