The Glenholme School

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Basic Information

Address: 81 Sabbaday Lane, Washington, Ct 06793
County: Litchfield
Phone Number: 860-868-7377

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Additional Information

Founded: 1968
Ages/Grades: 10-21
Gender: co-ed
Enrollment: 80
Duration: Avg 2 years
School Size: 80
Classroom Size: 8-10
Support Services:

Clinical, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Speech, OT, CBT, DBT, Token Economy, Arts therapy, somatic therapy, equine therapy, Canine Therapy

Camp Programs: Yes
Accreditation Licenses: NEASC,
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Area of Focus:


Philosophy/Belief Statement:

The Glenholme School works with complex, fragile students to engender them with confidence, and teach them to empower themselves. The school works with different social, emotional and learning challenges in children.