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Address: 619 Governors Road Milton, NH 03851
County: Strafford County, NH
School District: Milton, NH
Phone Number: (855) 437-0989

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Additional Information

Founded: 2002
Ages/Grades: Secondary 9-12
Gender: All
Duration: Year Round
School Size: 48 Students
Classroom Size: 5-8
Student/Teacher Ratio: 5/1

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Notes/School Information:

Academically Focused. Therapeutically Supportive.

Shortridge Academy is a private New England therapeutic boarding school emphasizing challenging yet supportive college prep academics on a 350-acre campus with an average of 50 students on campus throughout the year. Operating year-round, we offer rolling admissions with a minimum commitment of one academic semester (two terms) on campus. Many families, however, opt to enroll for an academic year or longer. We are located in southeastern New Hampshire, with close proximity to both the seacoast and the mountains. This idyllic setting provides a tranquil and more "normalized" experience for our students as they develop critical strengths for their futures.

While the typical Shortridge student is bright and college bound, many students struggle with social engagement and life satisfaction. All students benefit from our emphasis on the development of executive functioning and self-regulation skills. Our curriculum--both in and out of the classroom--is mindful of individual learning styles and challenges, and integrates strategies that maximize the learning process.

Shaped by the defining features of authoritative parenting, Shortridge fosters collaboration within boundaries and offers students "a seat at the table" on individual and community-wide topics. Student inclusion, in part, is what makes Shortridge unique.