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Address: Flying W Airport 60 Fostertown Road Medford, NJ 08055
Phone Number: 609-265-0399
President: Franklin Hicinbothem

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Freeflight Aviation
Freeflight Aviation
Freeflight Aviation

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Additional Information

Founded: 2009

Private Pilot, Instrument, Commerical

School Setting:

Flying W Airport

School Schedule: 9 AM - 5 PM

Flight School and Social Flying Club

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Welcome to Freeflight Aviation

Experience Southern NJ’s friendliest and most value added flight club.  At Freeflight, you’re more than just a Hobbs meter, you’re part of a family. (And you have lots of siblings, so look out!)

Our operation is built on the premise that flying small airplanes is first and foremost FUN.  The Whether you’re looking for your first pilot certificate, instrument rating, or proficiency checks, our instructors are ready to bring you on board.

Our Goal

Freeflight Aviation’s goal is to share our experiences and provide an atmosphere of informative, fun, flight training.   Aviation changes your life and helps you grow as a person.