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Basic Information

Address: 5910 Courtyard Drive, Suite 170 Austin, TX
Phone Number: 8669913924
President: Ed Sattar

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Additional Information

Accreditation: Microsoft, Comptia, ITIL, NetApp, Cisco, Citrix, EC Council
Founded: 1988
Organization Affiliation: We are accredited by all major authorities in the IT domain, such as Microsoft, Comptia, ITIL, NetApp, Cisco, Citrix, and EC Council.

We specialize in exam prep and certification training. However, the certifications come from the authority themselves. For example, we can equip you with the skills needed to get an MTA certification, but you will have to take the exam with Microsoft to get it.

School Setting:


School Schedule: 8 hours a day for instructor-led courses, 24/7 for self paced
School days in Calendar Year: 24/7/365 for self paced courses
School Holidays: All major US holidays
School Size: Not applicable
Classroom Size: Not applicable

Not applicable

Student/Teacher Ratio: 1 teacher per 10 students
Financial Aid:

Not applicable

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100%
Disability Services:

Not applicable

Parking Spaces/Availability:

Not applicable

Admissions Deadline: Not applicable
Computer Capabilities:

It is an online IT training school.

Mission Statement:

To helps organizations and individuals transforms IT project performance and career growth through cognitive learning platform & multi-mode training.​

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe in lifelong learning. With the number of new technologies being introduced every day, IT professionals cannot afford to fall by the wayside and have to constantly learn new skills to achieve a fulfilling career. At QuickStart, we teach IT professionals and non-IT professionals the hard skills they need to excel at their jobs.

Programs and Services:

Front-end web development bootcamp, full-stack web development bootcamp, ITIL Foundation certification training, MTA, MCSA, and MCSE training and much more

School History:

QuickStart started as a computer training school in the late 90s and evolved into an online IT skills training company over time.