Rocky Mountain Electrical Training Institute

Basic Information

Address: 1091 S Parker Road Denver,Colorado 80231
Phone Number: 720-809-6933
President: Joe Holzman

Action Shots

Rocky Mountain Electrical Training Institute
Rocky Mountain Electrical Training Institute

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Additional Information

Accreditation: State Approved
Founded: 2014
Degrees Offered: Certification

State approved schooling hours

School Setting:

Online only

School Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m.
School days in Calendar Year: 126
School Holidays: Memorial Day, Thanksgiving
School Size: Up to 80 students
Classroom Size: 20 or less

Denver and surrounding areas

Student/Teacher Ratio: Maximum 20 to 1
Financial Aid:

Tuition can be paid in 4 monthly payments

Admissions Deadline: June 1st and November 1st
Mission Statement:

RMETI serves as a catalyst for Tradesmen who represent proper morals, responsibility and virtue to restore Integrity to the electrical industry – as well as to advise students in life skills such as professionalism and in communication.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

RMETI is committed to top quality training. We provide the best educational programs available to use both in my career and life. RMETI's staff and partners are committed: Instructors, Businesses and Contractor's are able to offer more than just industry code but also hands-on experience! We insure our graduates are professional with excellent communication skills which serve the Customer, City Inspectors and all Contractors.

School History:

State licensed since 2014. Awarded the trade school 20/20 award by the Denver award program.

Notes/School Information:

The Rocky Mountain electrical training institute offers a top quality electrical training program supported by a professional group of teachers and electricians committed to passing on quality knowledge and Tradesman skills to the next generation of the electrical construction Workforce.