South Coast College

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Basic Information

Address: 2011 W. Chapman Ave. Orange, CA
Phone Number: 7148675009
President: Jean Gonzalez

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South Coast College

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Additional Information

Accreditation: ACCSC
Degrees Offered: Associate

Medical Assistant Certification

School Setting:

Private Campus

School Schedule: 15
Student/Teacher Ratio: 15:1
Financial Aid:

Available for those who qualify

Mission Statement:

The missions of South Coast College is to provide quality education and training in a caring, student-oriented environment to individuals who are highly motivated and who wish to improve their lives.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

South Coast College has a steadfast philosophy of dedicating its faculty, administration, programs, and
facilities to superior training in an atmosphere that is friendly, efficient, personal, professional, and
student-oriented. South Coast College is quite proud that the successful application of its philosophy has
earned the College a widespread reputation for excellence; that its graduates can expect to develop skills
that will help them not only in obtaining a job but in developing critical learning abilities and life skills.

Programs and Services:

Court Reporting, Paralegal and Medical Assistant.

School History:

South Coast College was founded in Long Beach, California, in 1961 as the Stenotype School of Long Beach.
In 1974, the College moved to Garden Grove, California, and the corporate name was changed to Whitley
College. In 1980, Orange County College of Court Reporting was merged into Whitley College, and the

name was changed to South Coast College of Court Reporting. In 1996, the College was granted degree-
granting status and expanded its offerings beyond court/deposition reporting and related fields to include

medical assistant and paralegal careers. In August 1999, the name was changed to South Coast College to
reflect the addition of other programs.