Sitting Bull College

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Basic Information

Address: 9299 Hwy 24, Fort Yates ND 58538
Phone Number: 701-854-8000
President: Laurel Vermillion
Admissions Director: Lisa McLaughlin

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Additional Information

School Type: Tribal College
Degrees Offered:

Masters, Bachelors, Associates and Certificates.

School Setting:

Sitting Bull College is a Tribal College located on the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota with two sites in South Dakota. Guided by Lakota/Dakota
culture, values, and language, Sitting Bull College is committed to building intellectual capital through
academic, career and technical education, and
promoting economic and social development.

School Size: 300
Classroom Size: 15
Housing Availability:


Housing Type: Dorms and student housing



Culture Club, Geek Oyate Club, Fitness Club, Teacher Club, American Indian Business Leaders, American Indian Science and Engineering, American Indian Higher Education Consortium, Anime Club, Ecology Club, Music Club, Rodeo Club and Veterans Club.