The Oaks Private School

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Basic Information

Address: 7291 SW County Road 141 Jasper, FL
County: FL
School District: Jasper
Phone Number: 3869381352
Fax Number: 8555037168
President: Marilyn M. Bennett
Principal: Marilyn M. Bennett

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Additional Information

Accreditation: Advanc-ED, SACS, NWAC, NCA, NCPSA, FCCPSA
Founded: 2007
Organization Affiliation: Florida Virtual School, Institute of Education Sciences, Florida Department of Education, College Board, NWEA, Florida Parent-Educators Association, Home School Legal Defense Association, Educandis in Spain, INACOL
Ages/Grades: K5 - 12
School Setting:

Students study in their home.

School Schedule: Students may study at any time of the day.
School days in Calendar Year: Year round school. 180 school days required
School Holidays: National Holidays, Thanksgiving week, Christmas Break, Spring Break
School Size: 300
Classroom Size: Individual studies at home
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:15

$1316- $3300 depending on program chosen

Financial Aid:



Online Honors and Standard courses

Percentage of Graduating Class: 98% of seniors graduate
Support Services:

Academic Advisors, Career Advisors, Tutors, Curriculum Advisors, High School Plan, Report Cards, Transcript, Accredited Diploma, Academic Oversight

Admissions Deadline: Year-Round Admission
Mission Statement:

Mission: The Oaks Private School was established as a private, Christian school committed to providing a biblically-based education to young people in primary and secondary grade levels. Our mission is to partner with Christian parent in educating their children to think and act biblically and to pursue academic excellence in joyful submission to the Lord Jesus Christ. We seek to empower and educate students who choose to study at home using an innovative, proven, and effective educational program to ensure that they reach their full academic, spiritual, personal, and social potential.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Philosophy of Education At The Oaks Private School, the core of our Christian private school is the belief that God has given every person unique gifts and talents, and has a specific purpose for their life. We believe that the purpose of “education”, from the Latin educare “to draw out”, is to assist each student to grow into and fulfill that purpose, whatever it is. At TOPS, that means preparing students for the next step in their journey, whether that be college, a vocation, military service or ministry. We believe that a “good education” has several key components: Academic Excellence As a Christian private school, we believe that a Godly life means striving to be excellent in all things. When it comes to academics, that means striving to have the best curriculum and the best teachers possible. It means encouraging our students to take their academic requirements seriously, and not only to meet, but exceed, the requirements mandated by the state. Academic excellence drives our mastery-based approach to education, whereby we strive to have all students attain mastery in all subjects to the best of their abilities. Whole Life Approach To Learning At TOPS, as a Christian private school, we believe that learning is more than just academics. We believe that good education involves the whole person – not just the mind and academics, but all other aspects as well – character development, social skills, and physical training. While much of our direct effort is focused on academics, we also recognize that character, social and other aspects are equally as important. We strive to model good behavior through our teachers, and to assist our student learn to overcome barriers and obstacles. Learning As A Lifelong Process At TOPS, we believe that education is a lifelong process, one that requires freedom and creativity, and that allows for individuality. We don’t believe that learning stops at graduation, but that we each need to continually learn and adapt. We constantly seek to learn from our experiences and to improve our program wherever possible, and we hope to teach our students to adopt the same attitude towards their learning.