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Basic Information

Address: 801 Lakepoint Dr. B-8, PO Box 1421
Phone Number: 9703331710
Owner: Connie K Anderson
Key People: Grandmalou, web developer and designer, business manager

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Connie K Anderson dba Grandmaloutunes
Connie K Anderson dba Grandmaloutunes

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Additional Information

Founded: 2017
Type: educational support
Area Served: preK and primary age groups
Target Audience: early learners
Target Age Demographics: 4-8

How children learn a language has become one of the most heavily researched topics in the education arena. Helping parents and primary teachers lay a strong foundation for learning means teaching children to listen, speak, see, read, and write forty-four sounds of the English language separately, in words and in sentences. Connie Anderson, aka Grandmalou, adds one more element. Sing! "Music is language learning" is her mission; "Musical Language" is her method. At Grandmaloutunes, she delivers original content in three sections; PreK, K2 and a special section, Musical Poems. Not Your Grandma's Phonics musical poems help lay a strong foundation for learning the English language. In addition to original artwork and character names that help children identify and recognize a letter-sound, the poems feature an original listening strategy using a musical instrument. The images, music elements, the musical strategy, and the audio-verbal phonics format open all of children's pathways to learning the English language!


Two sections of the website offer twelve original and traditional songs with images. Some of the songs have downloadable pdf's of the lyrics in rhebus format. There are also some short movies, one of which models the concept called Musical Language. This document is also available as a lesson plan for teachers to understand the shared elements of music and speech and why music is a powerful tool to affect young children's early learning skills. The third section is the Musical Poems that are organized and delivered in five groups throughout the school year. The purpose of these poems is to help parents and teachers lay the strong foundation for learning the English language.


In addition to publishing the set of musical poems in 2008, Connie Anderson has worked on a few other projects that are defined by the same guiding principles of the shared elements of music and speech. She wrote and published Not Your Grandma's Phonics Musical Story in 2013. It is still available at the Apple Book Store in iBooks Author format. Including her current website, she created and helped design two other educational websites; Connies Classroom and Our Space 4 Kids. Recently, she wrote and published two songs for her grandchildren about their new pets, Sodapop and Juna. Now her work is focused on managing the Grandmaloutunes website; managing the subscription service in order to deliver her products as educational teaching tools for parents and teachers.


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Technical Details:

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Technical Specifications/Requirements:

All website content is available by subscription only. The website is compatible with Mac and PC, as well as mobile phones. Contact the web developer and designer for more specific information: Abhishek Raichura.


In March of 2020, I submitted a RFP to the SBIR to receive a Phase I award. I had organized a team of four experts to help me: a tech consultant, a research coordinator, a developer, and a business manager. We did not receive a Phase I award.

In June and July of 2020, as a retired teacher, I volunteered to evaluate the framework for the NAEP 2025 test. I submitted a nine-page evaluation in time for the July 23deadline.

Published Works:

From Grandma's Piano Bench CD with coloring book, C. A. 1995, Angola, IN.
Not Your Grandma's Phonics
Musical Story (iBooks Author), C.A. 2013, Frisco, CO
Not Your Grandma's Phonics Musical Poems, digital music CD, C.A. 2014, Frisco, CO original music contains:
PrK section: Sodapop,Tyler the Turtle, Airplane;
K2 section: Iguana, Juna, Clarence and Clementine, RoyGBiv
Musical Poems section: Mr. Uggle, Long A song, music for Cc, Vv, Tt, Nn, Ss, Short A.

Grandmaloutunes original music will be featured throughout the school year 2020-21.
Monster song and Dippy Double.

Christmas Feeling, Connie Anderson wrote and published in 1998, Angola, IN.

Joint authors:
Logical Phonics Sound Strategy music CD, C.A. 2007, Frisco, CO. Logical Phonics Sound Strategy, Text for poems, Louanne Thompson, 2007, Coral Gables, FL; Integrated Learning, Inc (no longer in business)

Mission Statement:

Music is language learning.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Some 2015 research at Northwestern University and the University of Maryland has proved the powerful effects of music and music strategies as young children are developing and learning a language; I have applied the research in my professional work for young children.

Additional Information:

I realize this document is missing information. Because I am a one-woman operation, not a corporate entity, I did not understand all the information requested in order to be listed as a vendor for the virtual learning environment. I am strong on the artistry of teaching.