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Basic Information

Address: Pine Hollow 122 Hope Road Blairstown, NJ 07825
Phone Number: 973.980.6526
Person of Contact: Alison Bolshoi

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The Bolshoi Music Studio

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Additional Information

Voice Type: Any
Musical Styles: Any genre of music from Hip-Hop to Opera
Hours: 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Ages: All ages
Capacity: 5 students per class
Pricing: $80 per class, $130 private lessons
Payment Methods: Cash only
Setting/Location(s): Private music studio
Program Highlights:

A typical program is 10 weeks of classes or private lessons. At the end of each program, the students perform in a recital to which family, friends and the general public are invited.

Recitals: The recital, given locally, shows Ms. Bolshoi how much technique each singer is able to take into performance, but more importantly, it shows the singer the same information. Then it's clear what needs to be worked on next. Each singer performs two pieces of music which they have been working on.
Education/Awards: Ms. Bolshoi's list of awards, as well as her education, is printed in detail on her performance website,
Academic Teaching Experience: Ms. Bolshoi's teaching website shows her academic experience in detail.
Private Teaching Experience: Ms. Bolshoi's teaching website shows her private teaching experience in detail.
Performance Credentials: Alison Bolshoi is a celebrated contralto in the Opera world, who just completed her second appearance as a soloist at Carnegie Hall (June 2019) with MidAmerica Productions. Ms. Bolshoi has performed in opera houses across Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Czech Republic and Greece. She will be covering the role of Ortrud in Wagner's Lohengrin at Dallas Opera.

Ms. Bolshoi's list of competition wins is printed in detail on her performance website,


I have been taking voice lessons with Alison for several years now. Her approach to singing is very organic through putting great emphasis on the whole body versus just the voice. It has helped me become a much more aware and well-rounded singer. She is also extremely helpful in preparing for auditions through careful analysis of the pieces you choose. I highly recommend! - Sara Lake (Feb 2017)

I have been working with Alison for a few years. When we first met, she told me "... you are the best mess I've ever met!" For although I was making pretty music with my voice, I was missing a lot of what singing is! Alison's teaching touches my very soul! She has this gift to make you reach inside yourself to places you never knew were there.... In order to help you reach your full potential, Alison creates a wellness of mind, spirit, and voice that you can also carry over to other aspects of your life. Whether you are a beginner or well advanced in your singing career, I highly recommend at least a "season" with Alison.... and let your audience be the judge! - Margareth deJesus (Feb 2017)

Alison establishes great basics in her young students with her exceptional attention to details. Through careful preparation and instructional process, my daughter got in her first choice of musical school with 2 scholarships in Opera Vocal Performance. - Margaret K. Boyce (Feb 2017)

Excellent vocal teacher with unique capability to approach the developing artist with genuine guidance and encouragement. Honest with suggestions putting the artists interests first. Outstanding innovative vocal teaching technique. - Suzanne Watters (Feb 2017)

Alison Bolshoi is an amazing, inspirational and selfless teacher. Her talent, skill and technique is unmatched and she has had great success in her field. Not only that but she is an incredible teacher and cares deeply about each and every one of her students. Her style teaches technique and skill very well and if you are looking for a voice teacher there is no one who is better. - Gabrielle McCarren (Feb 2017)

Mission Statement:

I'm tired of seeing young singers struggle! I'm an international opera singer who has stood and sung on real world stages, not only in studios. I teach because I love it and because I succeeded in one of the toughest businesses on earth, and want others to succeed SO MUCH. I have so much real life experience to impart. I started out singing in Musical Theater and worked as a Cabaret singer in NYC for many years when I when I was very young. I even tried a stint for awhile as a Rock singer, but missed Classical Music too much. Due to my own varied background, I am uniquely capable of teaching technique in all genres of singing.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

I believe everyone can sing, but many people have entirely the wrong idea of what singing is. Not everyone is going to stand on world stages, though I have been fortunate to teach several singers already who have. Whether you want an international career or would just like to sing better in church or in synagogue, I am your teacher. I feel this is a calling -- and I must, if I am crazy enough to teach full time while I am still performing full time myself!!


Please see my website for my education background.

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