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Address: Montvale NJ 07645
Phone Number: 201-474-5575
Person of Contact: Rachel Menconi

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The Menconi Performance Studio
The Menconi Performance Studio
The Menconi Performance Studio
The Menconi Performance Studio

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Additional Information

Voice Type: Coloratura, Soprano, Contralto, Tenor, Bass, Baratone
Musical Styles: Musical Theatre, Broadway, Pop, Rock, Pop/rock, Country, Alternative, Gospel, R & B, Jazz, Opera, Classical, Rap, but No Screamo
Ages: Private Lessons: 10+ Group Classes: 6+
Payment Methods: Cash, Personal Check, or Venmo (Debit card)
Setting/Location(s): NJ
Program Highlights:


1. Gain a lifelong, solid, consistent, & healthy technique that they can always count on in practice & performance.

2. Gain specific technical & personal notes in a notebook &/or computer file that is organized & always accessible for review.

3. Gain artistry, performance skills, & a strong voice that will look/sound authentic; Singers will sound appropriate to whatever style of music they are singing. (No fake sound or look.)  Actors will be in the moment & truthful whether they are on stage, in front of the camera, or microphone.

4. Gain the confidence to always put on a great performance.

5. Gain focus & a more productive mind frame.

6. Become self-sufficient by knowing how to assess a problem & then fix it without creating a new issue.

Private Teaching Experience: See bio below.
Publications/Media: See bio below.
Performance Credentials: See bio below.

Singing Student Video Testiimonials:

Written Testimonials:

"[Five stars] Taking lessons with Rachel has been one the best decisions I've ever made. She not only has helped me with acting but has helped me become a better person. I've grown to understand myself and I've learned and done things I would never have done. And would never have been able to do. Her lessons will not only help you perform, they will help you in your everyday life."

- Glenn S, aspiring actor (Private weekly lessons)

"Rachel goes above and beyond to make you the best you can be. She is seriously the best voice teacher I have ever had!"

- Laura S, aspiring singer and actor (Private weekly lessons)

"My acting skills have improved so much! I feel more comfortable in the audition room and on set! I wouldn't have been able to do it without Rachel's help and technique!

I've gone to other teachers in the past (reputable NYC schools and instructors) but they didn't really teach me a technique. They were only directing me. When Rachel teaches, she gives me a step by step instructions and allows me to explore each character so I can build on my technique and follow my 'actor's intuition'. I'm so thankful I've found her! Can't wait for my next lesson!"

-Erik O, actor (Private weekly lessons)
"I've been going to Rachel for over 5 years and I have loved every second of it! Rachel not only has made my voice stronger, healthy, and vibrant, but she also has helped me prepare for countless auditions as a singer and an actor.

I learn and see a huge improvement in every lesson. I've gotten into my performing arts high school and have gotten into countless shows and programs because of Rachel and her technique! Every time I sing in front of industry professionals, they are impressed by my technique and voice. Rachel takes my voice as well as my acting skills to the next level each time I have a lesson. That's why she's the only one I trust fully with my technique! She's my secret weapon!

She's also a great person and really talented as a singer/actor herself. If you want the best training and a caring teacher, go to Rachel!! I highly recommend!"

- Maddie P, aspiring singer and actor (Private weekly lessons)

"I've been in this business a long time and have gone to many other so called 'vocal coaches'. Hands down Rachel is best voice teacher I've ever had and she is the only voice teacher I can really trust. She not only helps me with my voice but she also helps me with organization, artistry, and keeps me accountable. She gives me personalized warm ups and a plan to practice to help achieve my goals."

- Fatimah B, singer, songwriter, and recording artist (Private weekly lessons)

"Rachel makes everything so fun. I've learned so much! My voice used to get tired and hurt after I sang. Now my voice is getting so much stronger and doesn't hurt at all. I take both private voice lessons and group performance classes. I highly recommend Rachel's program to anyone and everyone!"

-Elaine R, an aspiring singer (Private weekly lessons)

"She makes me feel so comfortable. I'm an actor first, but want to be a musical theatre performer. I have issues with matching pitch. I've only been with Rachel for about 4 months, but I've already seen a huge difference in my pitch and tone quality. I've gotten alot better. I live about an hour away but that doesn't stop me from coming to lessons and performance classes.

- Patricia T, an Actor, Aspiring Musical Theatre Performer (Private weekly lessons and group performance classes)

"I've only had one lesson with Rachel but I've already learned so much, not just in singing but how my mind works. She was able to break through some of the barriers I've put up in the past. I've never liked my voice. When I was in the lesson, there were times that I actually liked the sound that was coming out of my mouth! I can't wait for my next lesson!"

- Mike K, a Guitarist, Drummer, Bassist, and Singer of a band (Private weekly lessons)

"If you want to increase your range, breath control, learn how to keep your voice for the rest of your life, other words be the best singer you can possibly be, you HAVE to go to Rachel!"

-Steve P, a Singer and Songwriter (Private weekly lessons)

"I don't know how she does it but Rachel always knows how to fix my problem(s) and makes sure that I know how to fix my problem(s) too. Rachel really is the "Sherlock Holmes" of singing!"

- Josh S, a Singer, Guitarist, and Songwriter (Private weekly lessons)

"When I came to Rachel, I literally had no voice or range at all. I even had problems matching pitch. I've been with Rachel for a little over 11 months now and I can't believe the difference in my voice! It's so much bigger and I can match pitch so easily now!"

- Danny G, a Lead Singer, Lead Guitarist, and Songwriter of rock/ska band (Private weekly lessons and group performance classes)

"I came to Rachel because I couldn't advance anymore by myself. I had some of a voice when I started but I had trouble being in control of my voice. I had problems with my break and singing with my falsetto. After 10 months, I've seen a huge improvement in my voice and singing is so much easier for me."

- Joshua S, a Singer, Guitaist, and Songwriter (Private weekly lessons)

"I had been classically trained before I came to Rachel. I hadn't been to a lesson in over a year and needed to find someone because I was ready to go on a short summer tour with my band and was losing my voice. Rachel tried to explain to me that my problem was that I was screaming instead of fully supporting my voice. This is why I could never create a mix tone easily. Well, I'm so happy that now I can sing with a mix and I don't lose my voice anymore! Thank you Rachel!"

- Jacqui S, Lead Singer of a rock band, Songwriter, and Recording Artist (Private weekly lessons)

Mission Statement:

Our ultimate goal is the give our students all the tools they need to eventually become self-sufficient performers and gain the skills/materials needed to be successful at their chosen craft(s). Of course this doesn't happen over night and nothing is guaranteed in this business. However, if you work hard, you will get better, and then you will be more likely to get booked.

Our teachers bring people up by correction and positive reenforcement. Our teacher do not believe in tearing the student down to build them back up. Our teachers are direct in their approach, but in the nicest way possible.

Our children, teen, and adult private lessons and group classes are a safe place where mistakes are welcome. We encourage our students to learn from their own mistakes as well as their piers' mistakes so they can all grow as artists.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We only teach healthy technique and our teachers only are highly skilled. They know how to break down each step, so every student understands what they need to do.

A student should eventually be able to become self-sufficient in their technique.

SINGING: Our teachers not only teach healthy singing technique but are able to help students find their artistry. Students gain vocal range, flexibility, stamina, color, tone, breath control, and confidence as they are exposed to many different age appropriate music genres. Teachers teach many genres and help each student cross-train so that they can gain the best voice possible.

There are some singing teachers from other studios that only teach a few genres and/or force a student to sing a song or genre they don't really like. Here our students learn the genres they want with the guidance of our teachers. Our teachers suggest different songs/genres that they feel the student will eventually thrive at and they work as a team to make sure the student becomes not only a great singer with healthy technique but a true artist.

ACTING: Our teachers not only teach healthy acting technique but are able to direct a student if their performance or audition is quickly approaching and the student has not yet mastered the material.

There are some acting teachers from other studios that just direct in their classes, so a student maybe able to do the scene or monologue really well, but they aren't able to transfer those skills over to any other scene/monologue because they weren't taught how to do the step by step technique. We feel this is flawed and does not create the best actors because the student will always be dependent on their acting teacher, because they will not have a solid technique. We not only go over acting technique for stage, TV, film, and voice over, but we also go over audition acting technique for all mediums.


The Menconi Performance Studio

Where you not only learn healthy technique, but how to become a self-sufficient artist.

We specialize in Bel Canto voice technique for the modern singer and acting lessons in Stella Adler, Stanislavsky, Chekhov, Meisner Acting Technique for theater & on-camera. Each student can sing all genres without sounding too classical and without loosing their voice while singing/acting for long periods of time. Students learn how to embody the character and build a character from the inside out. Eventually students are able to walk on stage or are in front of the camera, without hesitiation and are their characters.

We prepare our students for the real world with up to date training & performance opportunities as well as showcases in front of industry professionals when students are ready. We also provide services in song demo recording, voice overs, songwriting, music video making (directing, writing, filming, editing), video reels (directing, writing, filming, and editing), & more!

Private lessons & group classes in technique and performance skills. Students come from all walks of life. All ages & levels welcome!

The Menconi Performance Studio (Since 2005)

Additional Information:


With 28+ years of professional training & performance experience, Rachel Menconi has been able to share her voice, acting skills, directing skills, & performing arts expertise with students as well as audiences for over two decades.

Rachel has been teaching singing & acting technique to all ages for 16+ years. Her students have gone on national tours, released albums, have been accepted into performing arts programs (high school/college), cast in regional/Off-Off-Broadway/Off-Broadway theatre, movies, music videos, & on TV.

Whether working in a private lesson or with a group class (small by design), Rachel is able to focus on each student's individual needs & develop their technique & skills at a comfortable pace. Each student is taught differently to accommodate their personal learning style. This helps each student grow as a performer at their own pace. Rachel challenges each student without intimidation & without taking away the part of them that makes each student unique! She teaches a healthy technique that is based on the human anatomy; the science of how the body/mind works & can work as efficiently as possible while singing or acting. Rachel's ultimate goal is to give all her students the tools they need to not only become the best at their chosen craft but to eventually become self-sufficient performers.

Rachel is a SAG-AFTRA actress, international recording artist (2016 original single "Bond of Love", her 2011 album "Just Meant To Be" are on iTunes), director (theatre; on-camera projects) writer (songs; scripts), & a proud member of NARAS (The Grammy Awards), VASTA (The Voice and Speech Trainers Association), NATS (The National Association of Teachers of Singing Certified), NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association), NAfME (National Association for Music Education), NJMEA (NJ Music Educators Association), MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabaret and Clubs), BMI (Broadcast Music Inc), NAMTA (North America Music Teacher Association), NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International), CE Certified Artist Developer (Conquer Entertainment), & The NJ Theatre Alliance.

Rachel has been seen on TV, in films, music videos, and NYC/Off-Broadway theatre. She has been honored being chosen for magazine covers & featured articles such as "The Arts Issue" of (201) Magazine. Rachel owns a theatre/video production company called "Sunshine Face Productions" and a music publishing company called "Sunshine Face". Recently she has been in the recording studio working on her new EP, directing "Seussical Jr" for a three-week program called "ArtQuest" (Wayne NJ), directing a comedic web-series, and writing an original musical. You can find Rachel touring with her band "Say 80thing" throughout NJ/NY and performing solo at festivals.

Rachel is fully background checked and finger printed from the NJ Department of Education. Rachel loves her job! She feels so fortunate that she is able to share her passion for the performing arts through teaching, directing, writing, mentoring, & performing!