Singing Lessons Los Angeles

Basic Information

Address: 1041 N.Formosa Av, W.Hollywood, CA, 90046
Phone Number: (1) 323 850 2737
Person of Contact: John

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Singing Lessons Los Angeles
Singing Lessons Los Angeles
Singing Lessons Los Angeles
Singing Lessons Los Angeles

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Additional Information

Voice Type: Baritone
Musical Styles: Pop, R&B, Country, Gospel, Broadway, Jazz, Latin, Classical, Acting Voices, Anything.
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.
Ages: 9 - 90
Capacity: Los Angeles
Pricing: Various
Payment Methods: Cash, Personal Check
Setting/Location(s): Professional Music Studio with FREE security parking.
Program Highlights:

#1 priority is establishing a perfectly healthy voice. Then providing you with a skills set which will enable you to sing for long periods of time under the pressure of performance without injury or vocal strain.

Recitals: Concert recitals and operatic performances on five continents.
Education/Awards: MA (Univ Syd); LRSM (Royal Schools of Music); LTCL (Trinity College); Dip Teach. (Mod Langs; Univ Syd) Australian Academy of Music Theatre (Sydney Opera House)
Academic Teaching Experience: Master Classes in Performance, Sydney Conservatorium of Music; Performance classes, Sydney Opera House; Master Teacher, Macquarie University; Music Ed. supervisor, University of New South Wales; Master Vocal course, The Colburn School, Los Angeles.
Private Teaching Experience: 30+ years of private studio teaching.
Publications/Media: Watch some students here:
Performance Credentials: Institute of Music Teachers - member; Private Music Teacher Accreditation, Sydney Conservatorium of Music; Music Teachers national Association, USA - member.

We very highly recommend John for his superior music expertise, outstanding instruction, strategic vision guidance and understanding of the industry. He is an excellent diagnostician of vocal issues.
Our daughter started sessions with him when she was 8 years old. Her vocal ability has significantly improved and John has taught her skills and techniques that will be applied throughout her singing lifetime, and will see her always singing safely.
John has exceptional music experience from his 30 year long history of professional singing and while teaching, he includes insightful techniques which greatly benefit his students.
He always has a plan and has provided key insights into a long term and effective musical future for our daughter.

As a man of exceptional moral character, John will avoid wasting singers' time on a fruitless pursuit while kindly giving accurate and honest short and long term advice.

Col. and Mrs. Bruce Irwin - Los Angeles

I feel very lucky to have found John as a vocal coach.
John uses his unique expertise both in concert performance and in vocal pedagogy to pinpoint the exact problem areas within each of his students. Since I have started seeing John, he has given me extremely valuable lessons and techniques to use towards overcoming the various, persistent problems that I have always had while singing. I have already started to see dramatic improvements in my singing and even (more subtle) improvements in the way I talk in normal conversation.
John has not only reinvigorated my passion for singing, but he has also helped me realize that my voice’s potential is beyond what I ever had imagined it to be before.

Jake Hertzberg - Los Angeles

With John Davies as your singing teacher, anything is possible. I never dreamed of being able to sing the most difficult aria in he Opera repertoire but thanks to John, I have been singing the role of Queen of the Night from Mozart's Magic Flute in Australia and in Europe. He was my teacher in Sydney for almost ten years and he is still giving me lessons via the internet!!! He knows everything about voices and also what's wrong with them and how to heal it. I am one of the healed ones and now I am singing in Budapest State Opera as a principal singer. 5 stars!!!!

Judit Lorincz - Budapest, Hungary

John Davies is an amazing vocal coach! At first I was hesitant to train with an opera singer because I am a pop/RnB singer but when I met him for the first time I already left my first session feeling better already. He has different tips and techniques that I haven't heard from anyone before and they definitely work and make a difference. He truly cares for his students' success and wants to help them build and grow to their full potential. I would highly recommend John. I found my vocal coach :)

Naelene C - Los Angeles

John knows exactly what he's doing to the science of vocal wellness and healthy singing. He's helped me recover from previous unhealthy singing habits, and I'm singing better than ever! I highly recommend taking lessons from him, even to further your career in the industry.

April Lam - Los Angeles

Mission Statement:

Vocal health and wellness! A happy singer has a healthy voice. I want you to be sounding great, with 100% vocal health, in the shortest possible time. And I want you to have fun! Leave the very serious stuff to me.