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Address: P.O Box 423 Mukono-Uganda (East Africa)
Director: Isaac Ssamba

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Days of Service: 4 weeks to 12 months
Program Highlights:

HOW I OPERATE MY PROGRAMS For Organizations: Welcome to the Beacon of Hope Uganda, the project dedicated to supporting development, through linking volunteers and charitable organizations around the world. Whether you are looking for a change of career, a year-out, a chance to improve your skills and experience or you are an organization looking for a volunteer, I can help. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to give something back regardless of age or disability. My passion is linking volunteers with organizations around the Africa. How It Works • Contact me and register with my program (a simple form will be provided) • I assess the organization for suitability • I provide you with a hosting support guide • You tell me your volunteer needs • I find the right volunteer for you • I support you throughout the volunteer placement I have now introduced an advice 'hot-desk' for all your organizational needs. Once you are partnered with me, you are entitled to free support and advice on all your organizational activities. (Just put me aboard, and count that task done!) For Volunteers: Here, I am passionate about volunteering, I am no-longer running my own projects, I link volunteers with appropriate organizations around Africa. I am here to help at all stages of your volunteering process, from choosing your placement, to support during your adventure. Whether you are just looking for inspiration, ready to set out on a new adventure but need some guidance, or know exactly what you want but not sure how to get it, I can help. Whatever your reason for wanting to volunteer, I can support you and find the right placement for your needs. I don't run placements; instead I work with charities all over Africa to develop their own placements. My aim is to enhance development by linking volunteers' skills with urgent need throughout Africa. How It Works • You contact me and register online • I send you a simple form to complete • I match your skills and preferences with our placements • I provide you with a choice of placements • You choose a placement and I confirm it with the charity • I send you a placement pack and help with pre-travel arrangements • You travel to your placement and I support you throughout Supporting Development Volunteering is one of the most fulfilling experiences in the world and can help you whilst you are helping others. Whether you are looking for new direction, experience, fulfillment, new friends, or a brighter future, volunteering will open those doors for you. No matter your age, gender, skills or experience - you can be a useful asset to someone in need. I am constantly looking for people to help build their capacity and achieve their goals. Whether you can offer 3 hours a week or 3 days, your time will be appreciated and felt. I am currently looking for people to help with internet research, grant writing, administration, marketing, fundraising, promotion and co-ordination. You can volunteer from home or you can work with others. You can work in your own time or you can do set days per week. If you are interested please get in touch with me. I am only placing volunteers in active, outward looking projects, like schools, churches, NGOs, CBOs and all grassroots community development projects where local resources are scarce and their objectives which serve the vulnerable in society including, but not limited to: the homeless, the elderly, those with addiction or learning difficulties and physical disability and those with difficult family situations. Many projects now recruit their own volunteers. Some have found that linking their volunteers to me has been extremely helpful. I can guide you through the practical matters relating to Criminal Record Checks/Child Protection/ Weekly Timetables and many other important matters. I can provide you and your volunteer with an external reference point plus my full support throughout the year with staff visits, training conferences and enabling peer mentoring. I am always in need of volunteers to come over to Africa to help my partner NGOs that run rural development projects with the aim of poverty alleviation. There is a constant need for volunteers and no matter what your skills you will be able to fit in somewhere and apply yourself to help. The most urgent areas of need include: Field workers / social work /social care Project supervisor / managers /accountants Teachers / Youth workers /trainee teachers Nurses / medical students /opticians Fundraisers / grant researcher /proposal writing Eco tourism development /environmental protection / conservation Honey sales / bee keeping /marketing / sales training Administration / resource management / business training Agriculture / animal husbandry /erosion control Waste management Even if you do not think you can help in any of the above areas - I promise you will be able to help somewhere! Please get in touch for further information.

Additional Information:

Beacon of Hope Uganda offers programs which help gap year students, interns to interact and engage into the African context life.

Cultural Immersion and African setting