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Address: P.O. Box 60925, Corpus Christi, TX 78466
Phone Number: 816-767-0481
Fax Number: 816-817-1298
Director: Pepper Tucker

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International Service Learning
International Service Learning
International Service Learning
International Service Learning

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Additional Information

Days of Service: 9-14 Days
Program Highlights:

ISL's High School Program is specifically designed to meet educator objectives. Though all International Service Learning programs are dedicated to humanitarian efforts; the "where," "when," and "how" are up to you. With full-time professional staff on location, ISL is able to collaborate with you to create an itinerary that complements your academic and social goals.

Additional Information:

ISL is an international educational non-governmental organization (NGO). Since 1992 we have offered medical, educational, and general service volunteer experiences to high school and university students, post graduates, and professionals from more than two hundred institutions, both nationally and internationally. ISL is generally recognized by national academic organizations as a leader in providing ethical and effective opportunities for students to actively participate in serving the underserved.

Setting: ISL offers two breathtaking settings in which to learn and serve. In Tanzania, students experience the rhythmic poetic style of Swahili tunes against the scenic backdrop of snow covered Mt. Kilimanjaro and Serengeti National Park, while in Costa Rica they are able to enjoy the many beaches, lush jungles, tropical foliage, and beautiful climate.

Program: ISL offers two options for high school students: "Health and Service" and "Service and Education." These two programs offer intensive experience to the serious student wanting to serve others in a meaningful way. Both are true humanitarian programs and not tourist trips, so team members must be prepared to participate fully in all activities.
Health teams go door to door conducting Community Heath Surveys in order to assess local need for health services. Those in need of medical care are invited to a clinic staffed by licensed medical professionals. At the clinic, students rotate through patient intake, triage, examination, diagnosis, treatment, and pharmacy stations. Students are directly supervised at all times. In conjunction with field experience, ISL also offers classes such as Basic Medical Spanish (Costa Rica) or Swahili (Tanzania) and practice techniques such as suturing and administering shots.
Education teams are easily customized to meet your classroom goals. ISL is able to arrange for service and education projects involving the environment, globalization issues, cultural studies, or we can assist you in designing a project that is right for you.