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Basic Information

Phone Number: +91-98452 77768, +91-80- 2222 5295
Fax Number: +91-80- 2222 5295
Director: J R Dwarakanath Naidu

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International Volunteers Trust - India®
International Volunteers Trust - India®
International Volunteers Trust - India®

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Additional Information

Days of Service: 4 weeks to 52 weeks
Program Highlights:

IVT-India seeks to network with similar and like-minded organisations not only within the country, but also around the globe. It shall offer young people the opportunity to participate in a program designed to facilitate a significant exchange of understanding among nations, as a sincere endeavour to promote peace and inter-cultural appreciation. This will be done through direct personal experiences and international volunteer work, with the support of a network of concurring organisations, co-workers, host families, community development projects, friends and well wishers.

The programme here in India, will facilitate for the youth coming together from diverse nations, a process of discovery, exploration and experiential learning based on the vibrancy and profusion of the country's glorious history, traditions, lifestyles, culture and spirituality on one hand, and the immensity of its geography, environment, tourism and of course, our unique hospitality.

It will be our constant striving to expand and strengthen the network of friends, in order to foster, promote and deepen the feelings of oneness and one world - with "Breaking Barriers" being our motto.

Voluntary work placements are provided in Community Development Projects, Working with Children, Elderly, Mentally / Physically Challenged, Visually impaired, Drug Rehabilitation Centres, Women development projects, Organic farming, Environmental Protection and Education, Health Care, Youth Centres, etc.

IVT-India programme participants will be young people in the age group of 18 to 30 years (However, we are flexible with the age limit depending on the participant) from different walks of life, who will be recruited and selected by our partner organisations around the globe - regardless of their religion, socio-economic status, caste, creed, gender, language or educational status.

IVT-India encourages work at the grassroots level, which ultimately fosters feelings of harmony and common brotherhood running across varied communities, castes, religions and even nations. We have devised a number of programmes ranging from short term to long term, among other special projects, aimed at numerous population segments.
We run several projects of varying nature and the purpose behind. The various assignments that we undertake may be classified under the following -
1. Offering services to children from disadvantaged sections of the society by teaching, housekeeping and offering basic care
2. Helping out the destitute children in orphanages
3. Serving the physically challenged
4. Assisting the spastic community
5. Helping out with organic farming and sustainable development
6. Attending to the needs of the mentally challenged children & adults
7. Lending a helping hand to the HIV infected children & victims of commercial sex workers
8. Giving assistance in terms of medical care & paramedical support
9. Assisting the visually impaired population in their daily functioning
10. Environment conservation, management and enrichment
11. Introduction to the Indian way of life
12. Village exposure
13. Introduction to herbal medicine (on request, extra charges to be incurred by volunteer)
14. Intercultural education (on request, extra charges to be incurred by volunteer)
15. Introduction to local languages (on request, extra charges to be incurred by volunteer)
16. Training in Yoga & meditation (on request, extra charges to be incurred by volunteer)
Other attractions
1. Visiting Indian homes, weddings, functions / ceremonies (subject to availability)
2. Interaction with young Indian & international students studying in India
3. Bangalore sight seeing
4. Visits to social work projects such as orphanages, old age homes, etc.

Additional Information:


Often you might have found yourself asking this question - 'I really want to help. But how'? Here, at the International Volunteers Trust - India® (IVT-India), we, together with your sincere intentions and hard work, help you find a part of the answer. The muse behind the working of IVT-India has always been a belief in making a difference. 'It takes drops of water to make an ocean'. A firm belief in the same, we continue to make genuine, heartfelt efforts to reach the unreached and the needy through enthusiastic volunteers. The organization is primarily a brainchild of the current President and one of his friends, among others. His experiences as the chairperson of several valued designations at various international forums inspired him to conceptualize and conceive of IVT-India.

International Volunteers Trust - India® (IVT-India), born On December 1, 2004, is a multi-faith, multi-cultural and secular organization, headquartered at Bangalore within the State of Karnataka, India. It is a registered non-profit Trust, listed under the Indian Trusts ACT, 1982. It is an autonomous body, and exercises its freedom in framing its own policies concerning programmes, financial regulations and other administrative areas, in keeping with its larger aims and objectives.

The organization's mainstay is in the following areas -
1. Environmental health and protection
2. Community Development Programmes
3. Education for the underprivileged
4. Working with the special populations
5. Rehabilitation Programmes
6. Geriatric Care
7. Destitute Child Care

IVT-India recognizes the massive need for help in rural India, whether it is education, organic farming - agriculture, health or women's development. In keeping with this belief, we offer young and passionate individuals a forum to come together, share ideas and experiences and help the cause of universal fraternity and peace. As part of the various volunteering programmes, we take our participants through different regions across South India. Most projects are located in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Maharasthra. We are also on the lookout for launching projects in Kerala, Delhi and Jaipur in the future.

The point of origin for all volunteers is the city of Bangalore, where they first arrive from their respective countries. Bangalore, known as the city of gardens and more recently as the IT and pub capital of India, is one of the major tourist hotspots of India. Volunteers are allocated to different projects across various regions in the country - namely: Bangalore, Mysore, Shimoga, Sagar, Tumkur, Chikkamagalur and spots in and around Bangalore city within the state of Karnataka; Hyderabad, Ananthapur and Pennakonda in the state of Andhra Pradesh; Hosur, Chennai, Madurai, Tirrunalaveli and Kalakad across the state of TamilNadu; Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra state; Delhi and Jaipur.

Apart from the above mentioned places, we also offer a chance to our volunteers to travel to places of historical and tourist importance at cost price organised by Karnataka Tourism. Some of these places include Mysore - famous for housing the spectacular palace of ancient rulers of the region; Ooty - well known for its breathtaking, picturesque landscapes, Shravanbelagola; where one encounters one of the biggest stone idols of the Gomateshwara across continents; and Belur and Halebidu, renowned for their archaic temple remains. Coonoor and Kodaikannel also are on the itinerary, two other very popular tourist attractions.

We offer young people and those with an open mind to explore, experience and exchange cultures to understand each other better - breaking all man made barriers by being a volunteer with us by opting for either of the following -
1. Short term programme
2. Long term programme
3. Internship programme
4. International work camp
i. Environmental & General Camps
ii. Mini program 'A Temptation'
5. Special programmes - online notification will be given as and when designed

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