Basic Information

Address: P.O. Box ML 657 Mallam- Accra Ghana
Phone Number: +233243703470
Director: Philip K. Appiah

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Additional Information

Days of Service: Two Weeks and Above
Additional Information:

Providing Adolescents and Adults with Jobs for Advancement in the Future (PAAJAF) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that focuses on providing: Basic facilities (Food, shelter, clothing), Information (Healthcare, Community building, Job training) and Education for underprivileged children, youth and women. PAAJAF is a registered NGO in Ghana.

Can I volunteer?
If you're on a gap year, summer placement, or career break and want to extend a helping hand, we welcome you to share your wisdom and earn the gratitude of deprived Ghanaian communities.

Do I have to bear costs incurring during my volunteer work?
Yes, PAAJAF does not have a donor yet to sponsor volunteers or exchange students to work on our projects. Volunteers and Exchange Students are therefore requested to participate in the costs. Costs include:

• Airport logistics
• Mobile phone SIM card sent to you to have your contact number ready before arriving into Ghana. You can give this number to your family and friends to contact you at any time.
• Accommodation (from $40.00 to $100.00 per night) and meals (from $5 to $20 per day). Please feel free to call or write for more information or a discussion.
• Extras
- Accra City tour, an outside Accra tour could be arranged at extra cost for groups of five 5 and above volunteers.
- Project Administration
- Volunteer Fee/Donation to PAAJAF Project from $200 and above
- Certificate of Recognition
- PAAJAF T-Shirt

Do I need a visa to legally enter into Ghana?
You should contact the Ghanaian Embassy or High Commission in your country to get information on visa requirements.

Additionally, on arrival in Ghana you will receive a customs stamp indicating the extradition date of your current Ghanaian visa (normally one to two months). Visa renewals are handled at the local Ghana Immigration office, and requires two passport size pictures per application.
PAAJAF Foundation will assist volunteers in extending their stay if required.

Where will I stay? What is it like to live with a host family?
To gain insight into the way of life and culture in Ghana, volunteers are normally placed with host families. Volunteer eats breakfast and an evening meal with the host family and sleeps in one of the rooms in their home. Since PAAJAF Foundation does not have sponsors at this point, all volunteers are placed in a hotel or guest house in Gbawe Community.

How can I get the most out of my volunteering experience?
The volunteer experience will give back as much as you put in. Here are some helpful suggestions to maximize the benefits of your stay:
• Come with eagerness, an open mind, and a flexible attitude
• Bring additional materials or donated funds so you can kick start innovative and engaging projects
• Be patient and willing to listen and learn. Enthusiasm goes a long way!