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Phone Number: +254723441764
Director: George Mumba

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Days of Service: 1 year
Additional Information:

Kaloleni Junior academy is one of the best private primary schools in Kaloleni, it's both day and boarding school.

2.English Grammar and Composition
3.Kiswahili Lugha and Insha writing
5.Christian Religious Education
6.Social Studies (Geography, History & Civics)
7.Creative Arts
9.Life Skills
10.Business Education

The volunteers will be leaving the host family early in the morning to make it in time for the school parade and staff briefing before being dispatched to their various class rooms.

Kaloleni is well known for the countless palm trees covering the majority of coast region.
Kaloleni has some historical sites, where by a volunteer will get chance to visit during weekends as the working period for primary schools runs from Monday to Friday. Volunteers also can visit the village elders to get more information about the traditional culture, see different ways of traditional houses, and see traditional dressing depending on ones interest.

Kaloleni is some few kilometres far from Mombasa where by a volunteer can take a public means of transport (Matatu) to access the beach, visit haller park where one can get to see giraffes, crocodiles, buffaloes, different sizes of snakes, hippopotamus, visit Fort Jesus museum, and main other historical site along side coast region.

A volunteer will be accompanied by a Touch Africa staff to enable her/him reach all this places of interest. This will help the volunteer not be over charged in paying for some of the entrance fees.