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Basic Information

Address: 101, Radha Darshan, Behind Union Bank, Vallabh Vidyanagar 388120. Gujarat.
Phone Number: +91 9898142170 / +91 9662042170
Fax Number: +91 2692 236323
Director: Dhaval Patel

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Rescue & Rehabilitation of wildlife in urban area, educating masses, environment education, awareness, conservation, tree plantation, Anti-pollution campaign, Reserach & Promotion of Technologies for sustainable Development, Games for Environmental Manners • Organic Kitchen Gardening for Urban children.
Population Served: Urban and Rural
Ages for Volunteer: 18+
Hours of Service: 6 / day
Days of Service: 30
Languages: English
Languages used as a Medium: English
Experience Required:

Not required

Programs Open To: All above 18 years of age
Travel Arrangements:

please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vallabh_Vidyanagar , Our town is an satellite town of Anand (which is famous for its 'AMUL" brand of Dairy products.) is 50 miles from Ahmadabad and around 20 miles from Vadodra ( Baroda), Anand is very well connected by both road and railway, both Ahmadabad & Vadodra ( Baroda) has airports,

If you are planning to come by land you can take 'Train, from Delhi or Mumbai, to Anand directly.
Google Map for Direction

Visa Requirements:

Valid visa to visit and stay in India

Program Highlights:

Rescue and Rehabilitation: Rescue and Rehabilitation of snakes, birds and other animals is one of the main activities of VNC. The ever increasing human population and the resultant need for more land are creating tremendous pressure on wildlife and its natural habitats. This causes the wild animals to stray out of their limited habitats into the human world where they are feared and as a consequence either they are hurt or they cause hurt. VNC has a trained group of youngsters who rush to rescue such creatures that had strayed in to human residence by mistake or are injured. Till date we have been able to rescue and rehabilitate several hundreds of such speechless creatures.

Mission Statement:

Our Mission: To create environmentally sensitive society thru Environment education, awareness and conservation.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

VNC, Voluntary Nature Conservation (formally known as Vidyanagar Nature Club), located in "Charotar", one of India's most prosperous and fertile region, has been active at grass-root level since its inception in 1988, nurturing nature for a better future. It has been its mission to educate the masses and to spread awareness about the crucial need for environmental protection. The organization has evolved with changing times, creating novel ways to communicate with society, thereby, shifting the attitude of thousands of people by environmentally sensitizing them. We stand for Environment education, awareness and conservation.

Program History:

1st August 1988 - marked the foundation of VNC: VNC was started as a juvenile dream of a 17 year old Nature Enthusiast. It was conceptualized by five friends with a dream to keep their town, area green. The activities later expanded with maturity to incorporate REP, camps and anti polythene campaigns.VNC crusaded for nine years in high court to save the trees that shade our roads today. In 1993. VNC lead to the halting of an Industrial company's working in response to the agitation among public for lack of air pollution control measures. These activities started the fire that refuses to douse and since then VNC has been actively involved in environment conservation through education and awareness. Today VNC is accredited by GEF, (Global Environment Facility, Washington DC, US) and is a member of GEA (Global Environmental Action, Japan) & SAYEN(SOUTH ASIA YOUTH AND ENVIRONMENT NETWORK) All activities of VNC are carried out by its volunteers which are the backbone of this organization. Volunteer now!

Social Networks:

we have 10000+ members group on facebook where we have many pictures to see visit our group at facebook

Additional Information:

VNC endeavours to create awareness about the environment in society and instill in young minds the vital need for its protection and preservation. The organisation has evolved with changing times, creating innovative and interactive ways of communicating with people. With astonishing results. Over a period of several years, they've been responsible for the change in the attitudes and behaviour of thousands of people to the environment around them.

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VNC's scope of activities is wide ranging, and includes the following;

• Nature Education Camps
• Anubhav: Outdoor Experriential Educational Program
• OOSM : Observational Outing on Sunday Mornings
• Reptile Education Program
• Save the whale shark campaign
• Save the vultures campaign
• Anti-polythene bag campaign
• Anti-pollution campaign
• Screenings

• Competitions
• Lectures
• Games for Environmental Manners
• Organic Kitchen Gardening for Urban children
• Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation
• Tree conservation and plantation
• Research & Promotion of Technologies for sustainable Development:
• Enzyme Treated Mud Bricks
• In Line Digestion of Waste Water