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Basic Information

Phone Number: +6675637863
Fax Number: +6675700691
Director: Mr.Suwat Hannarong (Founder)

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Additional Information

Days of Service: Short term 2 weeks, Long term 1-5 months
Program Highlights:

Marine Conservation: Diving and Land-Based work, involving Mangrove Rehabilitation, Beach Clean-Up, Reef Clean-Up, Fish monitoring after release. two diving certificates (Scuba Diver and Advanced Scuba Diver)
Community Services: Volunteer to work with children, orphans and work with the community.
Teaching: Volunteer helping to teach spoken English, Basic computer skills and drawing to children or adults in rural Schools.

-Our mission is to save our sea for our future world. Whether you are looking to gain some work-experience, help others less fortunate then yourself, or simply experience a new culture.

Additional Information:

Volunteer Activities in Thailand is the local voluntary organization for volunteer internships abroad. We offer a diverse range of project activities plus the opportunity to become a part of our local community. Our Thai staff and support from our local partner ensure that your experiences will be far more worthwhile and genuine than those of the average tourist.
Volunteer Activities in Thailand is a Voluntary Organization in Aonang that works in partnership with Krabi Marine Conservation Club and the diving activities are supported by Aonang Scuba Center.
Volunteer Activities' Mission is to save our sea for our future world.
Volunteers coming from abroad will find a welcome as good as a home from home. All aspects of volunteer's needs are taken care of with high quality accommodation and excellent cooking, although some basic house keeping chores will be shared.
Volunteer Activities has long experience in volunteer project management and matching the skills and hopes of volunteers with successful and valuable community base programs.


Diving and Marine Conservation Projects:
-Sea-Based 3 Diving days a week are provided for our volunteers doing Reef Clean Up work, maintaining Coral Nursery, Salvage Diving, Fish Release, Monitoring and Reporting activities and Reef Rescue.
-Land-Based 2 days working in Mangrove Forests for Rehabilitation, Monitoring and Clean Up. Clean Up work is also done on Local Beaches.
-Diving Course For those with little or no diving experience we provide 2 courses: the NAUI Scuba Diver and Advanced Scuba Diver before you will join the sea-based conservation activities.

Community Services;
-Our Community Services program will involve you in supporting local health services, education and other community services. Volunteers may bring their own knowledge and skills in the field and we will do our best to match those with current needs on our community.

-If you enjoy working with children and want to get some valuable teaching experience, volunteer teaching abroad could be the ideal travel option for you. Reap the benefits of gaining valuable life experience, while absorbing a fascinating local culture and interacting with local children to help develop their future.