Volunteer Service in Kenya

Basic Information

Address: P.O Box 3305,Nakuru,Kenya
Phone Number: (254) 020 352 8347
Director: Nicholas Nganga

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Children,Teachers,Nurses,Doctors,conservation,Micro-finance
Population Served: slums,schools,hospitals,orphanages,forests
Ages for Volunteer: 18 years-40 years
Hours of Service: 6 hours in a day
Minimum Hours of Service Required: 2 hours
Days of Service: monday to friday
Languages: English,Swahili
Languages used as a Medium: English
Experience Required:


Programs Open To: Citizens of the whole world
Travel Arrangements:

Pick-up from the airport
Use public transport in Kenya

Participants Work: Teaching,medical,serving food,planting tree,cleaning
Application Process:

Direct to the organization

Visa Requirements:

Please check with Kenya Embassy in your country

Program Highlights:

Donating food,clothes
Planting trees

Mission Statement:

To serve the les fortunate in the world

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We can while we are together

Program History:

Since 2006


Planting trees
Donating foods and clothes
Free Medical clinins

Social Networks:


Additional Information: