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Phone Number: +254 020 8040

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Watoto Wa Baraka International
Watoto Wa Baraka International
Watoto Wa Baraka International
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Days of Service: 2 weeks - 3 months
Program Highlights:

With thousands of organizations to choose from, many charging massive fees…
With an orphanage in the Central Highlands of Kenya, this organization is the perfect opportunity for you:

- Only $90 US per week

- Accommodation & Food included
- Pick up from the airport in Nairobi
- Stay as long as you'd like
- Amazing opportunities to work with HIV/AIDS orphans and a sustainable community development project in Africa
- Safe & secure volunteering environment

Check out www.africanorphanage.org
Watoto Wa Baraka is a small non-profit organization providing support for orphans and rural communities in Kenya.
Our mission is to give the real hope to as many needy children as possible and to work with small communities to provide the support and education needed to overcome the burden of poverty.
The centre is located in the rural village of Makuyu, 70 kms from Nairobi to Mount Kenya.
We have volunteer opportunities which do not require specialized skills (although these would be an advantage), and we accept volunteers for both short and long-term placements, all the year round. Volunteers certainly gain an amazing life experience from their participation in our placement program.
Activities at the centre include those on the list below. On first arrival, volunteers sample activities before selecting the tasks that suit them best.
o Children's Education - To provide educational and training opportunities, food and basic living essentials for as many orphans as possible.
o Orphanage Program - To house orphans in a safe environment, either at the orphanage or with guardians. To support foster parents and caretakers through an established network.
o HIV/AIDS Prevention Education - Volunteers help train home-based caregivers who raise awareness of HIV/AIDS issues in the community and take steps to prevent infection.
o Sustainable Agriculture, Crop and Animal husbandry - To alleviate malnutrition, hunger and poverty by working within communities. To increase environmental awareness within the community so as to enable them to protect, preserve and promote their surroundings.
o Community service program - To mobilize the communities' resources towards development projects at the grassroots level with a view to improve the children's standard of living. To develop poverty reduction initiatives and strategies among rural communities and vulnerable groups.
o Youth Sports & Activities program - This exercise is extremely important for personal development and helps to identify and develop the rare talents of these special kids. A coach is responsible for developing and implementing a physical fitness program for the children. Activities include boys and girls football, netball, volleyball and basketball.
o Building and Construction - At times, construction projects are needed. Please ask about these opportunities when applying.
o Sanitary Towel Project - to help girls realize their right to education. We do this by providing free sanitary products to under- privileged girls, offering them health and hygiene education and empower them to overcome the stigmas attached to their menstruation cycle.
Volunteers are free to visit local places of interest when not engaged in volunteering. It is possible to visit other parts of the country on weekends and to request time off in the middle of volunteering to take a trip.
In Kenya, there are two million orphans and street children as a direct result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. These orphans are seen as a burden to the community and as a result are often stigmatized and suffer extreme neglect. To over come this, the orphanage works with small rural communities to support these children. This includes placing them with guardians, grandparents, close relatives or friends.
A critical element is the financial and emotional support given to the guardians who otherwise would not be able to provide care. This includes essential items such as food, medicine, school books and uniforms. Once placed with a guardian, local field workers watch over the orphans, provide emotional support to them and ensure that they are not neglected. Orphans that cannot be placed with guardians, receive shelter at the Makuyu orphanage where they receive the necessary care and protection they deserve.
Anyone over the age of 18 who wants to spend time helping children in an orphanage and poor communities in a rural Kenyan village. No specialist skills or qualifications are required, but volunteers should have some interest in working with children.
Working hours are normally 6-8 hours a day. These hours are flexible during periods of hot weather. The minimum stay at this reserve is one week, but we recommend a minimum of two weeks. There is no maximum stay.
Upon arrival, there is an orientation session for new volunteers to become acquainted with the local culture, language and the project work. Further training and supervision is provided to new volunteers who are interested in tasks for which they lack adequate experience. More experienced volunteers are given direction, but work under minimal supervision.
Volunteers are typically placed with local/host families who live in the area, or at the orphanage or in a shared house with other volunteers. Food is provided as part of the program fee
Volunteers fly into Nairobi, Kenya. You will be met at the airport by a representative from the orphanage. At the end of their stay, volunteers are taken back to the airport.
Program cost for 1 week - US$90
Program cost for 2 weeks - US$180
Program cost for 3 weeks - US$270
Program cost for 4 weeks - US$360
Program cost for 6 weeks - US$540
Program cost for 8 weeks - US$720
Program cost for 12 weeks - US$1,080
The local costs are paid in cash on arrival.
Additional Information:

We are a small non-profit organisation providing support for orphans and rural communities in Kenya.
Our mission is to give the real hope to as many needy children as possible and to work with small communities to provide the support and education needed to overcome the burden of poverty.