Volunteer Programs in New York, New York

Changing The Present

Addiction, African-American, Aging, Agriculture, Animal Welfare, Arts & Culture, Blindness & Vision, Bullying, Cancer, Catholic, Children and Youth, China, Christian, Civil Society, Community Health, Computer Literacy, Conserve Sea And Marine Resources, Deafness, Diabetes, Disabilities, Disaster Relief, Domestic Abuse, Education (Art), Education (Early Childhood), Education (Higher), Education (K-12), Education (Music), Education (Special), Education (STEM), Education (Vocational), Entrepreneurship, Environment, Financial Literacy, Gender Equality, Global Health, Global Warming, Health, Hispanic, HIV/AIDS, Housing, Human Rights, Human Trafficking and Slavery, Hunger, Inclusive Cities, Inclusive Societies, India, Jewish, LGBTQ, Legal Services, Mental health, Microcredit, Multiple Sclerosis, Native Americans, New York, Peace, Poverty, Protect Environment And Biodiversity, Public Broadcast, Reduce Inequality, Refugees, Sexual Abuse, Social Entrepreneurship, Stem Education, Strengthen Global Partnerships, Substance Abuse, Suicide Prevention, Sustainable Consumption And Production, Sustainable Development Goals, Sustainable Economy, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Industrialization, Technology, Urgent Action On Climate Change, Veterans, Water, Women and Girls, Youth Sports. ​

CMMB - Healthier Lives Worldwide

Providing sustainable healthcare solutions to women and children in developing countries

Community Health Advocates

Health Advocacy, Health Insurance, Consumer Education

Friends of Art and Design

NYC Public High School Kids

Jazz for Peace

Stress relief, Spreading PEACE

Pajama Program

Children, Sleep Health

Parent-to-Parent Support Volunteer

parenting, community, women, families, men

Rational Animal

animals, animal welfare

World Cares Center

Community Lead Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery