Champions for Change Education Program

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Basic Information

Address: 3481 E. Michigan St. Tucson, AZ 85714
Phone Number: 520-318-5509
Director: Jane Poynter

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Champions for Change Education Program

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Additional Information

Population Served: Middle and High School
Ages for Volunteer: 21 years and up
Hours of Service: 8-12 hours per month
Minimum Hours Required: 8 hours minimum
Days of Service: At volunteers convenience
Mission Statement:

Global Sports Alliance USA is a coalition of sports and outdoor recreation enthusiasts working together for environmental awareness and action. GSA USA leverages the appeal of sports to inspire and educate youth to enrich their lives and communities through healthy activities that involve enriching nature and the environment. GSA USA asks people to become "Champions for Change". Our recently published book of the same title spotlights world renowned athletes making a difference in their own communities. Without borders or divides, sport is enjoyed worldwide on all levels and across all ages. Sport is the medium through which we can teach about the importance of protecting our natural environment. Sports enthusiasts know the importance of clean air, clean water, and nutritious food that benefits their health and performance. Whether you're an athlete or simply enjoy working in your garden you can be a "Champion for Change". Our guiding principle is:
People x Awareness x Action=Power to Change

Program History:

Global Sports Alliance USA has been a nonprofit 501c3 organization since June 2005. Global Sports Alliance was first established in Japan more than 10 years ago to contribute to the evolution of a sustainable civilization. GSA USA was established to bring awareness and education to American sports enthusiasts and outdoor recreationalists. GSA is established in more than 56 countries around the world and is a partner of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization as well as the International Olympic Committee Sport and Environment Commission. GSA's ecoflag that is flown at events around the US and the globe represents the sports commitment to protecting and enriching the environment. The United Nations Environment Programme recognizes the GSA ecoflag as a symbol of sustainability in sports. GSA USA published its first book in November 2009 entitled "Champions for Change: Athletes Making a World of Difference" by author and GSA President, Jane Poynter. Champions for Change has since developed into an educational program geared towards middle and high school students. This program utilizes a hand-on activity guide and the book itself to inspire youth to consider the relationship between wellness and environmental science. Stories of world renowned athletes and explorers help to move students to action in their own lives and communities. This program has literacy, life skills, math and science components. Currently the program is being introduced in Arizona with development in mind for the national stage.