Circle of Children Eco-Village School

Basic Information

Address: 19291 Hwy. 36 Blanchy, Oregon 97412
Phone Number: (541) 927-3057
Director: Blackhorse Shasta

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Circle of Children Eco-Village School

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Education, Health and Sustainability
Population Served: Children, Families and community
Ages for Volunteer: All
Hours of Service: Residential or daily 10am - 8pm
Minimum Hours Required: Enough for love to completely sate your being (0 hours - lifetime)
Days of Service: 7 days a week
Mission Statement:

The mission of Circle of Children is to set a living example of a sustainable stewardship to enrich humanity according to some basic principles:

Health: All children shall be nourished by honoring their unique, creative expression and their free will. Our children are blessed with healthy organic foods, holistic medicine, a pure environment and a thriving community.
Responsibility: Our aim is to promote a humanity that is consciously aware of its impact on life for the future generations. This is why we choose to tread lightly on the earth and walk in beauty. We honor our planet, preserve our natural resources, and create a harmonious and sustainable relationship with Earth.
Love: We embody the gift economy at Circle of Children. We are abundant in all ways, as we trust in the universe to provide. As we give freely our energy to life, the energy of life gives freely to us. We practice the Law of Attraction, and choose our abundant reality by the way we think, feel, and act. The universe is designed to nourish our biggest dreams, forever sustained. Our Village School is an example of how humans have before and can again thrive in a gift economy by operating from a place of trust, love, and serene service.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe children can be trusted to identify and pursue their passions when supported by the proper fertile environment. Learning is a natural process which children are drawn to and enjoy when they are allowed to follow their own inner guidance. Once a child has discovered where their passions lie, they are encouraged to focus their energy on this subject.

Other subjects will naturally be integrated through the learning of the chosen topic to provide a holistic education.

Integral to a holistic education is proper nutrition. Circle of Children provides a space where emphasis is placed on eating a balanced diet of wholesome organic food. Children learn how to sustainably grow their own food and prepare it, taking pride in their accomplishments. Watching food grow from seed to harvest is fun and makes eating healthy foods exciting.

Central to our learning process is the concept of stewarding the earth. Our school program puts emphasis on connecting with nature while learning valuable life skills. By cultivating love for the planet, children can then use their unique talents to inspire others to take better care of the earth. When children become proud citizens of the earth they inspire others, whether by planting a garden or planting seeds for change on a global scale. Our aim is to ignite passion for caring and to teach living in harmony with the land.

All living things on earth receive the nourishment they need from the planet in order to sustain themselves. This is the natural order of things, demonstrated everywhere by the life cycle of plants and animals. Our community believes that it will thrive by having absolute trust in the abundance of the universe. We demonstrate how people can live together using a gift economy, rather than a monetary one. We trust that each need will be met as it arises, each material will be provided, and each person or element of creation will appear at the perfect time. The continuous support we receive from our environment enables us to extend our services to you free of charge.

Circle of Children is here to offer a unique educational experience and help each individual reach their full potential.

Program History:

Circle of Children is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization. We were founded in 2006 in Arcata, California. In September of 2009 we became established in Eugene, Oregon. We were blessed with seven forested acres situated along the Siuslaw River in Lorane, Oregon. We enjoyed two years there hosting sustainable living workshops and provided a space for people to get closely connected with nature. While evolving there, a space was offered to us in the heart of downtown Eugene, Oregon. In the fall of 2010 we started offering a FREE school in the fortuitous place that was graced upon us. This allowed us to reveal our insight to a larger audience than being in a rural location. We were able to get the word out to a mass amount of people that were interested in what we were doing.

After hosting a wide variety of events in Eugene, on January 27th 2012 we were gifted a 60-acre plot of land between Triangle Lake and Little Lake near Blachly, Oregon. We have been blessed with a space that has a conference center with 18 buildings, and lake access across the street. The property has live streams and a forest. We are legally zoned to sleep 144 people per night in just the buildings that exist. We have cultivated gardens and orchards to accommodate large groups of people. From July 16th to August 27th we hosted the Triangle Lake Family Camp teaching sustainable living skills, earth steward skills and the creative arts. We have also received field trips from the network charter school and the youth core.

We are now focusing on our Indigo Medicine Wheel program and 2013 Summer Family Camp Program We will be expanding to other locations around the globe, and have land in:

Trinity County, California
The Big Island of Hawaii
Humboldt County, California
Mount Shasta, California


January Weekend Work-Parties: Landscaping, Building Clean-up, Sign-Making and Kitchen/Food Preparation

Ongoing: Educators, Permaculture Team, Cleaning Team, Social Media Team, Street/Flyer team, Kitchen Team, Administrative Team, Event Planning team, Art and Graphics and more...

Additional Information:

 We have volunteer opportunities at the Triangle Lake Property/Village, in Eugene-town, and globally... We are here to serve you in whatever way you would like to become involved.

We have an enriching Highschool Intern Program beginning in Summer 2013!  

For more information and to get connected with Circle, Please email:


Call Amie Chaudoir @ (541) 514-4896      (this is not a cel. and does not receive texts)