The Eagles Wing Mission For Africa, Inc.

Basic Information

Address: PO Box 24373 Richmond, VA 23224
Phone Number: 804-562-6208
Fax Number: 804-562-6208
Director: Laura Dutzman/804-240-0315

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Children and families in need of food, clothing, education and shelter when possible.
Population Served: Wakiso District, Kampala, Uganda
Ages for Volunteer: 30-60
Hours of Service: varies
Minimum Hours Required: varies
Days of Service: 7 days a week/varies
Mission Statement:

Our mission is to assist as many people in need in Uganda. We want to assist those who are in need of help with clothing, food, water, shelter and education. We hope to grow our organization to where we can build our own schools, shelters and medical facilities

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe everyone has the right to have a chance to better themselves and take care of themselves. With our help, we may be able to give people a chance for a brighter future and life.

Program History:

We were incorporated in 2009 and have been working to get off the ground with our mission. Ayigi, who is our founder and has been in the USA for almost 20 years wants to give back to his country as well as thrive here in the states. He owns his own business here and wants to share his propserity with his homeland. He has seen first hand the suffering in Uganda and has lived it himself. We are a small but caring organization looking for volunteers to help us grow to achieve our goals.


We have a yard sale drive coming up where we will be collecting items from donors and sending proceeds back to Uganda where we can keep the children inschool which we already have enrolled.

Additional Information:

Visit our website, twitter and facebook page and see some of the videos and pics of some of our children we are helping today.