ESL In-Home Program of Northern Nevada

Basic Information

Address: 702 Sean Drive, Carson City, NV 89701
Phone Number: 775-888-2021
Director: Florence G. Phillips

Action Shots

ESL In-Home Program of Northern Nevada
ESL In-Home Program of Northern Nevada
ESL In-Home Program of Northern Nevada

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Additional Information

Causes Served: ESL, Adult Literacy, Immigrants, Non-English Speaking adults
Population Served: All non-English speaking adults
Ages for Volunteer: 18 and older
Hours of Service: 2 hours per week
Minimum Hours Required: 1 hour per week
Days of Service: 2 days per week
Mission Statement:

The nonprofit ESL In-Home Program of Northern Nevada utilizes trained community volunteers to provide one-on-one English instruction to non-English speaking adults, in the student’s home, at no cost. Instruction is freely given to people who are unable to attend regular classroom settings. This learning process quickly empowers these individuals to become more productive members of their local communities and ultimately enriches the cultural diversification within communities.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

The ESL In-Home Program believes that most all non-English speaking adults want to learn English but do not have enough oppurtunities. This is why the program was created, to provide free English instruction. It is the program's goal to break through the language barrier. We are in five of 15 rural counties in Northern Nevada (Carson, Washoe, Douglas, Lyon and Churchill) to help make a difference in our communties. Eventually, we would like to expand into all rural counties that do not provide English as a Sedcond Language programs.

Program History:

As a supplementary service for non-English speaking adults to become more independent, the English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) In-Home Program of Northern Nevada was created in February, 2004 in Carson City, Nevada. The program is a 100% volunteer service organization with the primary purpose of educating a segment of Nevada’s immigrant population in Basic English.
The program has thus far achieved tremendous success. Initially, it started with one tutor teaching six students. There are now 94 community volunteer tutors teaching 163 students. We have a waiting list of over 110 people in Northern Nevada anxious to learn English. These numbers indicate that there is a significant demand for a program designed to quickly and efficiently teach the English language to those who want to learn. In the past six years since the program’s inception, we have helped over 400 adults in English language skills; 59 of these adults became U.S. Citizens, some have found jobs, others advanced in their jobs, parents communicate with children's teachers and help children with homework. They also communicate with medical personnel so that translators are not necessary, and they shop in English-speaking stores..


The ESL In-Home Program holds annual Award Ceremonies to recognize the hard working volunteer tutors and dedicated students. Tutors meet
3-4 times each year at Tutor Meetings to share their volunteer experiences. We also hold free Tutor Training Workshops throughout the year in the communities served, this is our most successful method of recruiting volunteers. At the workshops, potential volunteers learn more about the program and the teaching method used.

Additional Information:

Some of our students ahave become tutors themselves while still studying, in order to give back.  We teach people from all countries:  Latin and Central America, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, Korea, Japan.  We also tutor foreign exchange students.  Our method of teaching helps any person wanting to learn to speak, read, and write English.  We give preparation study for U.S. Citizenship and for a GED diploma.