Extras for Creative Learning

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Basic Information

Address: 443 Warren St. Dorcehster, MA 02121
Phone Number: 617-635-8284
Fax Number: 617-635-6383
Director: Lindsay Keyes, Acting Executive Director and Alison Dworsack, Operations Manager and Volunteer Coordinator

Action Shots

Extras for Creative Learning
Extras for Creative Learning
Extras for Creative Learning
Extras for Creative Learning

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Environment, Education, and Art
Population Served: Boston Public School Teachers, Daycare Providers, Artists, Group Leaders, Parents and Students
Ages for Volunteer: 15+
Hours of Service: a min. of 1 hour
Minimum Hours Required: NA
Days of Service: Monday - Thursday 10am - 5pm
Mission Statement:

Teachers, group leaders, parents, and artists are able to obtain low-cost or no-cost recycled materials that offer unlimited creative opportunities to nurture learning, exploration, and discovery in classrooms, child care centers, youth groups, and beyond.

Business owners and manufacturers who have excess inventory, outdated stock, overruns, or seconds crowding their warehouse or office are eligible to participate in our tax-deductible recycling services. They reduce waste entering our landfills and help educators and service professionals with usable materials.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Extras for Creative Learning's mission is to stimulate creative learning and help children awaken their creative potential in education and play through the use of reusable, recycled, and surplus material.

Program History:

Extras for Creative Learning has been offering recycled materials and workshops to teachers, parents, and students since 1980.