Greater Philadelphia Search & Rescue

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Basic Information

Address: PO Box 1163 Glenside, PA 19038
Phone Number: 877-598-5618
Fax Number: 877-598-5618
Director: Mark G. Hopkins, Chief

Action Shots

Greater Philadelphia Search & Rescue
Greater Philadelphia Search & Rescue
Greater Philadelphia Search & Rescue
Greater Philadelphia Search & Rescue

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Lost & Missing Persons
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: Over 2 million
Ages for Volunteer: 18 -
Hours of Service: 24 / 7
Minimum Hours Required: 4
Days of Service: Varies
Mission Statement:

During a mission, Greater Philadelphia is committed to using all of the resources at its disposal to locate and rescue lost or mission persons that desire to be found. This mission is carried out through the use of the talent and technology at the disposal of our team of dedicated volunteers with respect to safety of all parties involved.

In times of no emergency mission our duty is to educate the public and private sector to our primary mission and help them develop a understanding of the what Search and Rescue is.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

When search and rescue expertise is sought, GPSAR is willing to travel. GPSAR's volunteer contingent of over 40 members, led by several specially trained and dedicated command officers is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency dispatch. GPSAR is available for contact via the Montgomery County Emergency Operations Center. To answer any questions you may have, GPSAR's office number is (877) 598-5618.

It should be noted that Greater Philadelphia Search And Rescue does not charge for any of these services to the community. When dispatched, Greater Philadelphia Search And Rescue responds to your request for assistance, so "That Others May Live".

Still not sure? If you have any questions, email us and we'll try to answer as promptly as possible.

Program History:

When a person is lost or endangered, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Fortunately, there is available, a dedicated search and rescue group - Greater Philadelphia Search And Rescue (GPSAR).
Founded in 1979, GPSAR has a primary response area within the States of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, however, GPSAR has been requested by, and responds to missions in other States as well.


We train / give presentations twice a week throughout the area.