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Basic Information

Address: 1065 Garden of the Gods Road
Phone Number: 719-590-9800
Fax Number: 719-590-9801
Director: Wayne Pederson

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Community Development, Healthcare, Media, Engineering, Communication
Population Served: Global partners serving indigenous populations in their region
Ages for Volunteer: 18+
Hours of Service: Varied
Minimum Hours Required: Varied
Days of Service: varied
Mission Statement:

Serving with global partners as the voice and hands of Jesus!


Summer Missions in...
Sub-Sarahan Africa
Latin America
North America

Additional Information:

Link your heart to HCJB Global's various regions  as a summer missionary program immerses you in the dynamic ministry and service that happens only through partnership. Tied closely in cooperative ministry with worldwide partners you can immerse yourself in a summer of cross-cultural learning, ministry, and mercy. Are you being called to be one of the participants for these challenging journeys?

This isn't just a service project; we're experiencing life TOGETHER.

Work with the HCJB Global staff around the world learning, serving, and being discipled in an immersive atmosphere. For those considering a lifetime of missionary service, this program will open doors in community development, IT, media, healthcare, engineering, communications and other ministry. Experience life with those you are serving by living with them, learning, and growing in Christ together.  Develop a heart for ministry as you work with community outreach to touch the lives of others for Christ's Kingdom.

Participants will leave the program with a new perspective on God's heart for missions and a long-lasting Kingdom impact.