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Basic Information

Address: 117 Park Street, Proctor, Vermont 2056 Cornwall C, Boca Raton, FL
Phone Number: 802-459-0014
Director: Ron Krate, Ph.D.

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: international post-secondary education- poor and developing countries
Population Served: Universities, cooleges, CCs, adult and continuing education programs
Ages for Volunteer: 14-20
Hours of Service: 5 per week
Minimum Hours Required: 3 per week
Days of Service: N/A
Mission Statement:

New Type of professor, unattached to locale- serving developing and poor countries.

The International Professor (IP) is part of a boots on ground and IT network to teach, mentor, tutor, coach young lecturers ( mentoring their teaching ) and students

University design and deveopmentl

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

The time is nigh for a new type of professor,an option to follow a new career trajectory. This new academic is more or less attached to locale and teaches and researches in poor and developing countries

Program History:

All-volunteer-driven not-for-profit higher education project, creating an extensive network of volunteer, Fellows, professors, students and allied organizations.

Planning and developing universities through volunteer work. Currently in Burundi.Africa

Google Grant Recipient- generous grant
UNESCO Letter of Endorsement

Additional Information:

Please vist our webiste


A new site will appear in March- adding our nodal networking function, with extended career and job-seeking services; an online resources center;  a clearing house;  listing of alliances;  online lab;  discussion and research groups


Free university profiles and free university ads seeking professors


Online post-secondary education courses directory and embeds.


IT assistance for reception of courses in poor countries -- new program, effective February.