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Basic Information

Address: 400 West 43rd St. Suite 21L New York, NY 10036
Phone Number: 212-947-1104
Director: Rick DellaRatta

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Additional Information

Ages for Volunteer: 14 and up
Hours of Service: anytime
Minimum Hours Required: any hours
Days of Service: all days
Mission Statement:

Our immediate goals are to:

Continue our benefit concert series which this past year raised money and awareness for over 500 Organizations which we have listed on our website as well as created the foundation for further collaboration.

Expand Jazz For Peace™ Concerts to other Cities, States, and Countries.

Help to bring music back into the schools and Jazz into schools (many for the first time) so that children of today will gain the exposure, understanding and acknowledgment of America's greatest art form that previous generations did not have.

Donate musical instruments to underprivileged children World-Wide.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Jazz for Peace has performed over 650 Benefit Concerts to raise funds, publicity and awareness for outstanding organizations in need worldwide. Our Empowerment Grant not only raises funds, but also generates valuable and priceless publicity and awareness, opens doors to new partnerships and sponsors, shares our knowledge and empowers the recipient organization towards a brighter future. In addition Jazz for Peace performs educational programs bringing music and Jazz back into the schools and donates musical instruments to underprivileged children.

Additional Information:

We have virtual volunteer opportunities to post, available nationwide. The listing is:


Virtual Volunteer Opportunities!

Since our inception in 2003, Jazz for Peace has awarded our acclaimed fund, publicity and awareness-raising Empowerment Grant to over 700 outstanding organizations.

Due to the success of this program we have numerous virtual volunteer opportunities available for you to "Make a Difference!" during your own hours and from your home computer!

1) Raising awareness of our Foundation Grant to community organizations and others who can spread the word to those in need.

2) Choosing outstanding organizations to be recipients of our Foundation Grant Award.

3) Assistant to Event Coordinator

4) Assistant to Volunteer Coordinator

5) Publicity Dept.

6) Art Dept.

7) Webmaster

8) And much more!

Requirements: Jazz for Peace offers free training in each category when applicable.

Type: Ongoing Opportunity

Web site: www.jazzforpeace.org


Phone and email: main: 212-947-1104, Direct: 347-223-8864 and 646-709-2950 info@jazzforpeace.org