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Basic Information

Address: PO BOX 2591 Carrollton, Georgia 30112 or PO BOX 5023 Douglasville, GA 30154
Phone Number: (800) 869-0614
Fax Number: (800) 869-0614
Director: Jeannette Bryant

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Kids Be Aware! INC
Kids Be Aware! INC
Kids Be Aware! INC
Kids Be Aware! INC

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Infectious and chronic disease education
Population Served: 5 to 12 years of age
Ages for Volunteer: 15 and up
Hours of Service: 20hrs
Minimum Hours Required: 15hrs
Days of Service: Monday through Saturday
Mission Statement:

Kids Be Aware makes it a mission to educate children about infectious and chronic diseases to build knowledge with regard to disease prevention, health promotion and to promote healthy relationships while teaching healthy behaviors.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

In the past, families used to spend more time together, around a dinner table and count stories. These stories were used to forge behaviors and morals that were then passed on to the next generation. Today, with the stress involved in making end meets and providing for ones families, time spend together is fading away.

The stories times are gone and even the time to educate children about what matters is diminishing. K.BA wants you and your loved ones to gain that interest back in counting stories around a fire pit or even during dinner or before bedtime with your children. Parents need to raise diseases awareness among children.

Program History:

Operating since 2009, Kids Be Aware is a non-profit organization that provides a spectrum of learning opportunities and services
to children ages 5 to 12. First started as a school project in 2007
and then a practicum experience in 2008, Kids Be Aware now continues its focus on raising awareness of infectious and chronic disease in children.

While health education is a component of city schools, it lacks tangible resources which introduce children to such diseases as TB, HIV, obesity, asthma, diabetes, etc......


Kids Be Aware! INC
Kids AGES 5-12
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Additional Information:
Kids-Be-Aware creates and produces mini-books for children ages 5-12 to expose them to stories of their peers who are infected (or has a family member or friend infected) with a particular infectious or chronic disease.
We also organize seminars to expose children to a range of information needed to adopt healthy behaviors; and develop Empowerment programs, such as organized field trips, that expose children to healthy matters and science.
The books, seminars and programs are tools to educate about the essential details of a variety of diseases that infect the health of children or those around them and also provide the following:
- A healthy environment for children to learn and play while addressing health issues.
- Gain an understanding of children's knowledge and feelings about specific diseases ( I.E: what children know about certain diseases and how they view them)
- Increase healthy behavior and disease awareness in school settings, at home and in the community.
-Improve parental and family involvement to reduce unhealthy behaviors in children and among their peers.
- Foster parental leadership in adopting healthy behavior by teaching parents to share responsibility when engaging in unhealthy eating and attitudes.