MLSE, Inc.

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Basic Information

Address: 3028 Grant Rd. Norman, OK 73071
Phone Number: (405) 307-0107
Fax Number: N/A
Director: Roger A. Pittman (Founder/President)

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Provide Music to children with different demographics and issues (cancer, autism, learning disabilities, gang, drug and alcohol affiliation.
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: Infant to Age 19 in Oklahoma and Cleveland Counties
Ages for Volunteer: 18 or above
Hours of Service: 3 hours/week
Minimum Hours Required: 2 hours/week
Days of Service: Negotiable
Mission Statement:

We are grounded in the belief that we must provide hope, dignity and life to all the precious children of our world. Through our love we will give all we CAN to make a DIFFERENCE by Changing Our Kid's Lives Through Music!

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

- By helping disabled and diseased children, children with learning disabilities and children who have been neglected and abused improve their quality of life, motor skills, cognitive skills, and self-image through musical experiences and therapy;

- By providing positive and charitable musical experiences and training to children in impoverished communities, youth who are at risk for gang affiliation/involvement and youth who have had (for whatever reason) the unfortunate choice of drug and alcohol addiction/abuse;

- And by promoting excellence in public and private school music programs through assisting educators in all aspects of music education, as well as through providing free or donation-only recording services for musical (e.g. individual, ensemble, choral, and band) and theatrical performances (e.g. school plays and dance recitals).

Program History:

501(c)(3) Status in 07/2008. Website launch 03/2010. Funds of $25,000.00 in Interest Bearing Account. Board of Directors (7 Members) Being Interviewed, Complete ETA: 08.31.2010.

Additional Information:

We will ensure that we are spending our time as a private foundation that we are meeting our mission statement goals.  So many organizations have a mission and end up spending more time around events, fundraising and administrative duties that they lose sight of the goals of the mission statement.  We will work tirelessly to ensure that we have a business strategy in place to make the organization successful, but the main goal will be to meet the expectations of our mission and our mission statement.


  • To provide uplifting musical experiences to children who have been diagnosed with a life-altering diseases, learning disabilities and been neglected and abused;
  • To offer a second chance for success to children in impoverished communities, youth with tendencies of gang involvement and youth who have had drug and alcohol abuse/addiction by giving them hope and dignity through unbiased and positive music experiences;
  • To promote excellence in school music programs through a free or donation-only service to provide an enhanced learning of the arts in conjunction with the schools’ music programs and to create audio recordings of music and/or theatrical performances.


  • Design a mobile audio/video truck that we can go onsite to Children Hospitals, Children Learning Centers, and Children Centers (e.g. University of Oklahoma Children's Hospital, The Children's Center, J.D. McCarty Center), where children and their families will be provided music therapy and memories with bonding time through the creation of their own musical expression;
  • Cooperate with existing non-profit organizations to introduce weekly and monthly music therapy sessions to individuals and groups which will work toward individualized goals specific to each child;
  • Establish a charity-based school of music within the impoverished community to offer free music lessons and recording sessions to at-risk children;
  • Collaborate with music educators in the greater Oklahoma City area to provide as-needed recording services for any and all music and arts performances.