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Basic Information

Address: Midland Beach, Staten Island
Director: Delia Mandia

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Night Night Monster

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Nightmares and Night Terrors caused by trauma, post-traumatic stress
Population Served: Children locally and abroad
Ages for Volunteer: 10 and up
Hours of Service: afternoons and evenings
Minimum Hours Required: make your own hours
Days of Service: Pick your own days, but likely weekends
Mission Statement:

Night Night Monster is a nonprofit organization registered in New Jersey that launched globally in 2011 to help traumatized children between the ages of five and fifteen who are suffering from severe nightmares and night terrors. We work with orphanages, hospitals, and individual families.

With the help of volunteers, Night Night Monster gifts these children, free of charge, handmade Night Night monster plush dolls to comfort them, aiding their growth so they can overcome their fears and sleep peacefully.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

"We destroy nightmares, one monster at a time."
"We say Night Night, because Night Night means bye-bye! We keep Monster in our name because we want to neutralize the fear of the word Monster. No child should be afraid of a word!"

Program History:

Since 2011, we have grown beyond our wildest dreams. We help children in our own borough, up and down the east coast, stretching across all the way to California, and now WORLD WIDE. We have ambassadors in the Cayman Islands, in Isreal, Chile, and Ireland. We work a lot with Indian orphanages, and individual families in slavic countries. Night Night Monster runs entirely by donations from everyday people.

In 2012, we won President Clinton's Peace and Human Rights Division in Clinton's Global Initiative Bracket Challenge!


Thursday Night Sewing Circles, Union Square
Friday Night Sewing Circles, Staten Island
More TBA

Additional Information:

Night Night Monster is looking for passionate volunteers who need to fulfill comminity service hours for Confirmation, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and high school graduation. All volunteers will attend sewing circles where a trained doll maker will instruct each step of doll-making. No prior experience required!




1. We, volunteers, make all the dolls in a no-pet environment.

2. Our plush dolls are made from recycled cotton, stuffed with polyester, and decorated with felt, yarn, fabric paint, and (if for a much older child) recycled buttons or recycled decorative beading. All decorations are age-appropriate, but please let us know if you have a safety concern.

3. We strive to use 100% hypoallergenic and nontoxic materials. 

4. We are registered in the great state of New Jersey as a nonprofit.

5. We do not have a paid staff, and we don't own property. We are simply a group of people interested in making dolls for children who have chronic nightmares or night terrors. 

6. We help children throughout the world! To New York to India!