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Basic Information

Address: PO Box 20965, Milwaukee, WI 53220
Phone Number: 917-771-4977
Director: Robyn Hussa

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NORMAL In Schools
NORMAL In Schools
NORMAL In Schools

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Additional Information

Causes Served: body image, self esteem, female empowerment, eating disorder awareness and prevention, mental health, wellness
Population Served: Children and Adults
Ages for Volunteer: 16 and up
Hours of Service: varies
Minimum Hours Required: 2
Days of Service: varies
Mission Statement:

NORMAL In Schools is a national nonprofit arts and education organization that teaches about eating disorders, self esteem, body image and family communication.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

NIS educates by using the performing and visual arts. We believe that the arts inspire individuals to (re)connect with themselves, their families and their communities.

Additional Information:

The primary exempt purpose of NIS is to educate about eating disorders and related issues such as body image, self esteem and family communication. NIS does this by (a) performing an educational adaptation of NOR•MAL: A Family Musical of Hope and Survival (“NOR•MAL”) which is a musical about a family in crisis where the daughter suffers from an eating disorder), (b) conducting talk-back programs immediately following performances where mental health professionals and other persons with experience of eating disorders apply the message of the musical to real-life situations raised through audience question-and-answer, (c) providing teaching materials (NIS Curriculum) and services to schools and others helping them to teach about good health, body image, wellness, family systems, the devastating impact of eating disorders and the therapeutic impact of the arts, (d) leading artistic programs like INSIDE OUT – educating about inner beauty through theatre, music and art, (e) producing educational family events such as SELF ESTEEM STOMP where families learn about self esteem as they engage in athletic and wellness activities; and (f) educating athletes with TEAM NORMAL – a program designed to teach athletes about nutrition, wellness and the risks of eating disorders and over exercising.