Phoenix Youth At Risk/Arizona Quest for Kids

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Basic Information

Address: 1001 E Pierce Street Phoenix AZ 85006
Phone Number: 602-258-1012
Fax Number: 602-258-6840
Director: Linda Lyman

Action Shots

Phoenix Youth At Risk/Arizona Quest for Kids
Phoenix Youth At Risk/Arizona Quest for Kids

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Additional Information

Causes Served: high-potential, low-income students;homeless children and at-risk youth
Clearances Required: Yes
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: low income children and teens
Ages for Volunteer: 18 and older
Hours of Service: daytime or evening
Minimum Hours Required: one hour per week
Days of Service: for some programs the day is flexible; for our teen program it is a fixed night of the week
Mission Statement:

Phoenix Youth At Risk makes possible new futures for children and youth through mentoring and values driven programs.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our vision is to see that youth fulfill their potential. We believe there are no bad kids; just bad choices.

Program History:

PYAR began nearly 25 years ago. The first program, New Pathways, was for high school age students who were going down the wrong path. Less than ten years ago we adopted another program whereby we find caring adults to mentor children living in poverty. We call this program the PALS program (Positive Adult Leaders in Society). In 2011 Arizona Quest for Kids joined our nonprofit.

Additional Information:

It is now February 2012 and our Arizona Quest for Kids program is currently in need of 25 adult mentors to begin a journey with 5th graders at Madison Park Elementary. (Located at 1431 E Campbell Avenue in Phoenix.)  Mentors must commit to one hour per week to come to the school and enjoy an informal relationship that allows the young person to get to know you, and you the student.  These are students who are high-potential, low-income kids who are excited about their academic future.  Getting these young people to graduate high school and college are the long range goals. Career-focused enrichment opportunities and a comprehensive college guidance initiative are essential components of this particular program. (This is one of three programs that are offered at the nonprofit.) 

Students who meet all program requirements and graduate from high school receive individualized support to access a wide variety of scholarship and financial aid opportunities for college.  Here is the perfect opportunity to be of the solution - are you interested?  Contact Christina Abu-Judom, Volunteer Manager at 602-258-1012 or

To hear about all our program opportunities please email Christina to get an invitation to a one hour introduction.  Be sure to visit our website where you can make an inquiry on-line to attend the introduction.